When To Make Your Career Move To Self-Employment!

Written by BB Lee

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Step 3 Answerrepparttar following questions:

-Can you tolerate working long hours alone? -Do you haverepparttar 117256 education and training required? -Your family supports you? -Are you willing to give up a pension plan or company benefits? -Would you be happier working for yourself? -Would you find fulfillment inrepparttar 117257 home business, you lack now? -Do you accept making less money for an undetermined period? -Are you highly motivated to succeed?

If you answered yes torepparttar 117258 majority ofrepparttar 117259 questions, you have a better than average chance at successfully starting and managing a home based business.

Be sure to seek out professional advice before you takerepparttar 117260 next step and quit your nine to five. And considerrepparttar 117261 feelings of your family. They know you better than most, and if you are good work at home material.

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How To get Your Own Website For Less then $100

Written by Albin Dittli

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Many people are starting their Internet business with a very small budget. Many are doing it with $100 or less. I recently started a new website, getting it up and running for less then $100. Want to know how I did it?

I will use my new site to drive traffic to my three other websites, offer some affiliate and network marketing programs, and some new products that I will be adding.

Here's how I gotrepparttar site up and running. First I went to http://www.godaddy.com. I had some ideas for what I wanted my new domain name to be. Godaddy has a tool where you enter in your desired domain name and it tells you ifrepparttar 117255 name is available. If it is not available it will recommend some similar names that might interest you.

I kept workingrepparttar 117256 tool until I found that The-Home-Business-Center.com was available. My wife and I both liked it and feel that it matches what we plan to do withrepparttar 117257 site. It cost us just $8.95 to buyrepparttar 117258 domain name for a year.

When you pick your domain name, try to get one ending in .com instead of one ending in .biz, .net, or one ofrepparttar 117259 other endings.

Since our other three sites were already hosted by Host4Profits, it was not hard to decide what hosting service to use. They will host additional domain names for just $5 each per month. A pretty good deal. You can check them out at http://www.host4profit.com/cgi-bin/home.cgi?33851.

Next I went to a site hosted by Stone Evans. He will make a free site for you, usually within 24 hours of your sending him your details. He calls them Plug-In Profit Sites.

The site will come with five different streams of income built into it. The five income streams are from free affiliate and network marketing programs, which you need to join before you send him your information. I was already a member of four ofrepparttar 117260 programs.

Host4Profit, our hosting company, is one ofrepparttar 117261 five affiliate programs that Stone will put onrepparttar 117262 site for you. This one is a must join, as Stone requires thatrepparttar 117263 site he makes for you be hosted by Host4Profit.

I sent him my information and also requested GoDaddy to transferrepparttar 117264 domain atrepparttar 117265 same time. Stone waited to start work on my site untilrepparttar 117266 transfer was completed. I had my new siterepparttar 117267 day after I notified him thatrepparttar 117268 transfer was done.

And I likerepparttar 117269 site. It looks great and works with no problems. He actually made two versions for me, one with pop ups and one without pop ups. Some traffic exchanges don't allow pop ups.

To see my new site go to http://www.the-home-business-center.com. If you want more information on what Stone will do for you click onrepparttar 117270 Plug-In Profit Site banner nearrepparttar 117271 top ofrepparttar 117272 page.

Stone has also written a free ebook called 30 Days to Online Success. Atrepparttar 117273 very bottom of my site is a banner for Stones book. Click onrepparttar 117274 link to download it.

Stone actually set uprepparttar 117275 whole site and had it running when he sent merepparttar 117276 email saying it was up. I was able to viewrepparttar 117277 working site immediately. It worked beautifully.

One ofrepparttar 117278 things that I especially liked is that he let me haverepparttar 117279 source code. I can easily accessrepparttar 117280 code and modify it. So far I have addedrepparttar 117281 banner torepparttar 117282 bottom forrepparttar 117283 free 30 Days to Success ebook and added a link to a page where people can readrepparttar 117284 articles that I have published.

Now, a person on a low budget will be able to get a website and start producing traffic to it for under $100.

All in all,repparttar 117285 very first thing you should do when marketing online is to setup your own domain. It's your home base. The Plug-in Profit site method discussed above is a low cost option for doing so. Everyone can take this opportunity to develop an effective online marketing campaign instead of throwing time and money down a marketing black hole because they lack a home base.

Albin Dittli has been marketing on the Internet for over two years. Please visit his web site at http://www.The-Home-Business-Center.com. You can subscribe to his free ezine, eBiz Marketing Tips, by sending an email to moneystrategies@listwarrior.com.

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