When The Job Kills

Written by Laurie Sheppard

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What would you be giving up? Your current gripes may have caused you to lose touch with what benefitsrepparttar job held inrepparttar 146266 first place. Use a list of positives and negatives to measure what you’d be giving up. Then, weigh those positives againstrepparttar 146267 risk of losing them or not replacing them with others benefits.

Will you jog or sprint torepparttar 146268 exit? Assess your pain quotient. No one else can do that for you. If you haverepparttar 146269 resources and can cope withrepparttar 146270 lack of security, then leave and devote yourself to downtime and introspection, to prepare for what’s next. However, if you have a low stress threshold and can’t tolerate uncertainty, then line up where you’re going before leaving. You’ll need patience to deal with eitherrepparttar 146271 void or things remainingrepparttar 146272 same. Audiobook: “The 3 C’s for Effective Living – Change, Creativity, Communication” http://www.creatingatwill.com/tapes FREE “Change-makers’ Career Tips” ofrepparttar 146273 month http://www.creatingatwill.com Orders/Info: 310.645.2874 info@creatingatwill.com Coaching that assists you to your Next Big Thing!

Laurie Sheppard, MCC: 11-year Life Coach/Career Strategist, author, speaker Helps professionals manifest their career and personal goals

Exercise and Its Effect on Your Job Search

Written by Ryan Stewart

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* Do your best to maintain a healthy diet. Try not to binge on junk food or eat at abnormal times through outrepparttar day. If you ate at specific times when you were working, try to mirror that schedule during your job search. * If possible, try a new sport or exercise routine. When you step out of your comfort zone you increase your self-esteem, which in turn strengthens your optimism. * Leave your house at least once per day, every day. It is important that you do not isolate yourself as this can lead to depression. * If you are currently unemployed, allow yourself some time to reflect onrepparttar 146265 circumstances that led to your unemployment. Be realistic and ask yourself what you might do differently if givenrepparttar 146266 chance. Once you have done that, move on. Never dwell on something too long. It is counterproductive.

When you are struggling withrepparttar 146267 decision to get up and get moving, consider allrepparttar 146268 networking opportunities you may uncover when you are atrepparttar 146269 gym, onrepparttar 146270 basketball court or in line atrepparttar 146271 health food store. That is reason alone to focus on your physical health, but remember that you need to recognize this time as a period of change. Change can be a great chance for you to overhaul your approach to life. Exercise can, and will, give yourepparttar 146272 energy to explore new opportunities and when you are healthy and have an upbeat mental attitude it comes across to everyone with whom you interact!

Ryan Stewart is the Founder, Owner, & Administrator of the first-class Pharmaceutical Sales Job Search Megasite, PharmBoard.com.


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