When Search Engine Marketing and Trademarks Collide

Written by Tommy Maric

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Trademark law was instituted primarily to protectrepparttar consumer. When a customer sees a brand or logo, they associate a certain quality and expectation with that logo. If inferior companies were allowed to userepparttar 137973 same logo and have worse products or services,repparttar 137974 consumer would not know what to expect. With trademark lawrepparttar 137975 consumer gets a degree of certainty and avoids confusion or unmet expectations.

According to lawyers this litigation could get very complicated. What Google needs to do is convincerepparttar 137976 court that there is no customer confusion with respect to keywords and how Google serves ads based on search queries. They will establish this most likely by running various consumer surveys. If successful, this would establish a legal precedent preventing future lawsuits ofrepparttar 137977 same nature; however, there is big risk if Google fails. Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of Google’s income is from its advertising model, and a ruling against it could be trouble forrepparttar 137978 company. If they settle, however, like Overture did then it sets no legal precedence, making it possible for other companies to makerepparttar 137979 same charges inrepparttar 137980 future.

Whateverrepparttar 137981 result, it is clear that inrepparttar 137982 coming months something will happen to search marketing. Atrepparttar 137983 very least, Google will have to monitor trademark infringement a bit more vigorously; atrepparttar 137984 worstrepparttar 137985 company may lose a part of its revenue.

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Manufacturing PR to be Available to Manufacturing Association Members

Written by Thomas Cutler

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- Cutler createdrepparttar "Mass Marketing Manufacturing Media Blitz", a comprehensive 90 - 180 day program allowing manufacturers with little web presence or with a new product introduction to go from zero to sixty in a short-term PR campaign. - Cutler authored The Manufacturer's Public Relations and Media Guide in 2000, which quickly becamerepparttar 137935 key media resource guide for manufacturers seeking coverage. - Cutler has beenrepparttar 137936 spokesperson ofrepparttar 137937 ETO (Engineer-to-Order) Institute, since 2004. The organization has quickly becomerepparttar 137938 key resource for non-repetitive manufacturers. www.etoinstitute.org. - Cutler was recently named a Contributing Editor to InMFG magazine and IndustrialLeaders.com in 2005.

The manufacturing associations that become early adopters of this Affinity Program will receiverepparttar 137939 highest rebate level from TR Cutler, Inc. Cutler expects more than 200 manufacturing associations to participate inrepparttar 137940 program byrepparttar 137941 end of 2006, serving more than 4000 manufacturers in North America.

TR Cutler 954-486-7562 www.trcutlerinc.com e-mail protected from spam bots

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