"When Philip can do,Why can't me"

Written by krishnan.c

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As a parent you must haverepparttar leadership qualities of tolerance, motivation, humanity, good behavior, love and affection.

Ifrepparttar 138657 leader is worst thenrepparttar 138658 followers will also be worst.

You should haverepparttar 138659 leadership qualities. If a good follower is developed then he will also lead his followersrepparttar 138660 same way you did andrepparttar 138661 world can see, an another respectable leader and law abiding citizen.

Another important aspect is that you should find out your children's ability or their interest from their behavior.

Explorerepparttar 138662 children's ability and interest from their activity, speech, clarification, when they are betweenrepparttar 138663 age of 5 and 10.

You should ensure that their ability and interest should be only towards their welfare.

You should constantly explain to them and create circumstances for achieving their ability.

Leaders or personalities who have achieved good results similar torepparttar 138664 aim of your children should be repeatedly made known to them.

Means of visual remembrance like images and bio-graphy of well known personalities will yield good results in this regard.

Another important aspect you should concentrate is thatrepparttar 138665 children should be motivated for self-reliant for all their needs. Of course it will be very difficulty for them inrepparttar 138666 initial stage of their age to become self-reliant for their needs.

They can be helped inrepparttar 138667 initial stage for all their needs like eating, bathing, and dressing, placingrepparttar 138668 things in a proper place. But you should not help them always. They should be trained properly so that they will be independent for all their needs in future.

Further you must explain your children to have their regular exercise.

Once they become interested in doing exercise they will knowrepparttar 138669 importance of keepingrepparttar 138670 body well and they won't be addicted to any bad habits also.

You should motivate them to read epics of all religion. They convey good message forrepparttar 138671 benefit of mankind in their own style.

No religion or epic encourages hatredness among peoples. The unique aim of all epics and religion in this world is aimed towards love, humanity, brotherhood, and good morale.

Good communication and pronunciation training to your children by you will be very useful for their better future. It is natural thatrepparttar 138672 children will find it very hard to communicate or pronunciation, inrepparttar 138673 initial stage.

However you should train them for a better pronunciations and presentation so that they cannot face any awkward situation or feel inferiority complex among other children.

Whenrepparttar 138674 children are born in this world they are like a small plant.

The plant can be seen as a big tree, giving fruits to more decades torepparttar 138675 present and future generation only if it is properly preserved. krishnan.c author

Krishnan.c,after serving 27 years of Govt.service,is writting articles mostly on motivational topics blended with his professional and personal experiences.

He has written many artilces on parenting,childen,health practices,etc.,

He is also conducting an emagazine "All for your success" at http://www.tncity.biz/afus.html

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Just One Person We All Need...

Written by Sanjeev Shama

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Like anybody else, you too may have big dreams and plans. I don't know what plans you have, so let me synchronize your dream with mine. I don't haverepparttar desire to be surrounded my millions or billions of people. I need only one person, any gender, any age or staying anywhere in world. I have many plans to complete, many dreams to fulfill.

Duringrepparttar 138641 process of achieving I may fail or fall many times. At that time, inrepparttar 138642 midst of journey, many people will leave me, my friends, my relatives and perhaps my parents as well. Because they say in Hindi " Waqt Insan per aiesa bhi kabhi aata hai, rah mein chod kar saya bhi chala jata hai." (Sometimes, whenrepparttar 138643 time is not good, even your shadow too decides to leave you.) Sometimes I may fall so hard orrepparttar 138644 disappointment will be so deep that I may give up or change my plans. At that time, this person (unknown till now) will come to me and say, " You can do it, and you have to do it. I have confidence in your capabilities and faith in your dreams".

You too may need such person in your life, right?

Looking forward to your comments and feedback !!!

Sanjeev Sharma Puna-India (Mobile: +91-9890788259)

E-mail: ss_himachali@yahoo.com; s070976@yahoo.co.in

You can visit my blog at http://sanjeevhimachali.blogspot.com/

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"When life's largest pressures leave you struck dumb,

Just search for an answer;repparttar 138645 solution will come

When a tragedy occurs leaving you feeling numb,

Just wait for your health;repparttar 138646 strength will come

When everyone relies on you and there is no way you can see,

Trust your mind to think with time; patience isrepparttar 138647 key.

When you have made it where others always flee,

Just wait to gather courage; soon you'll be where you want to be.

When it is nearingrepparttar 138648 end and you're in need,

Muster up your courage; endurance will lead.


I am Sanjeev Sharma, HR-Manager in a BPO Company in India. I am also a writer;Motivational Speaker. You can visit my blog at http://sanjeevhimachali.blogspot.com/

You can also read my article at http://www.europeancoachinginstitute.org/

My ITES-BPO Related articles can be seen at www.bpoindia.org/research/

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