When It's Good to do Things Badly

Written by Mary Wilkey

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It actually comes down to weighingrepparttar importance of things and putting them each in proper, practical perspective. This allowsrepparttar 124056 perfectionist more time to devote to those things really worth doing well, such as, making a livelihood, writing, food preparation, organization, swimming, thinking, praying, meditating, studying, etc.

Of course, this is not to negate doing what you enjoy just for repparttar 124057 pure pleasure of it. But if you will prioritize your tasks and NOT be concerned with doing wellrepparttar 124058 purely mundane, you will have more time forrepparttar 124059 kind of things you really enjoy and those that really need to be done well.

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Eliminate Those Self-Limiting Beliefs!

Written by Anita Foley

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I'm Too Stupid

This is a common one. Everyone possesses a lack of confidence in certain areas or feels limited in their knowledge. This is natural, and there are very few people who really do know everything (you must know a few who THINK they fall into that category.) All of us, however, have an area of expertise, whether we realize it or not. In addition, we are all capable of LEARNING. Did you know that you can become an expert in anything if you study it for 5 years? Yes, YOU! An EXPERT!

I Donít Have Time

ďFive years! I donít have that kind of time!Ē you say. So who says you have to become an EXPERT? Think about how much you can learn in two years or one year or even six months. The point is that you haverepparttar ability to learn. You simply have to decide onrepparttar 124055 subject and how much time you want to devote. Then, take Action.

Iíve Always Had Bad Luck/Nothing Comes Easy to Me

How many times have you used this one? Itís easy to blame your lack of success on bad luck or bad timing or bad friends orrepparttar 124056 bad economy, etc. There will always be things that happen that are beyond your control, but if you persist in your efforts, you can overcome anything. Perseverance isrepparttar 124057 key.

Are you holding on to any of these self-limiting beliefs? If so, are they a result of past programming? (We talked about that inrepparttar 124058 last issue.) If so, get RID ofrepparttar 124059 negative programming and eliminate those self-limiting beliefs. They are guiding your actions and creating your reality! Believe that you can do anything and have anything you want, and you will!

Once you break through a self-imposed barrier, you can sail like Columbus, you can fly like Yeager, or you can run like Bannister inrepparttar 124060 direction of your dreams!

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