When Do I Start Getting Money and Where Does It Come From?

Written by Elena Fawkner

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(OK, I'm getting a LITTLE facetious here, I admit. Back to being constructive ...)

5. Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and make your site visitors pay for access. You have to give them SOMETHING for free, of course, but keeprepparttar goodies onrepparttar 117744 top shelf.

6. Publish an ezine (electronic newsletter) and when you get 1,000 subscribers, start charging for advertising.

7. Do #6. above and create a website "home" for your ezine and include links to your affiliate programs/own products.

8. Do #7. above but make it a content-based site with stand-alone value withrepparttar 117745 intention of converting website visitors to ezine subscribers. Then revisit #6. Increase your advertising prices as your subscriber numbers increase.

9. If you have some special skill or training that you are employing in an existing business, create a website as a brochure for your services and attract business.

10. Do #9. above but make it a content-based website withrepparttar 117746 intention of converting site visitors into clients.

11. Join a network marketing company, create a content- based website to attract qualified leads and then link to your network marketing company's website.

12. Do #2. through #6., #8. and #11.. ALL of them. At repparttar 117747 same time.

These are several ofrepparttar 117748 main ways of making money onrepparttar 117749 Internet. I'm sure I'll receive mail letting me know of other obvious methods that I've overlooked. But you getrepparttar 117750 idea. Note that not a one of them involves slapping up a website and then sitting back waiting for $20 bills to spew forth fromrepparttar 117751 CD-ROM drive. ALL of them require hard work in order to yield a return so, if you're one ofrepparttar 117752 growing army determined to "make money with your computer", decide how you're going to go about it, roll up your sleeves and prepare to work.

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Hello, and welcome to A Home-Based Business Online. I'm Elena Fawkner. An attorney in my real life, I relocated to Los Angeles from my native Melbourne, Australia, in July 2000.

Before the move, I worked full-time as a corporate lawyer in Australia and had been running AHBBO, dedicated to work-from-home entrepreneurs, part-time since July 1999.

How to Give Yourself an Advantage in the Work-At-Home Job Market

Written by Angela Wu

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Know what you're willing to do, or 'give up', in order to work from home. Remember that not all employers will permit their telecommuters to work their own hours; some of them will want you to workrepparttar same hours as regular employees -- you just get to do it fromrepparttar 117743 comfort of your home.


Employers know that there are plenty of willing home workers; they can afford to be choosy. If you have a degree, diploma, or other certification, it may very well work in your favor. For example, many telecommuting positions require candidates to have excellent computer skills and familiarity with several types of software.


Applying for a job overrepparttar 117744 Internet is just like applying for a job inrepparttar 117745 'real world'. Follow application instructions. Takerepparttar 117746 time to create a professional cover letter and resume, and send your application torepparttar 117747 right address. Attention to detail counts; there's no reason why employers would want to hire someone who can't be bothered to put in an effort.

Telecommuting is a wonderful option, but visions of easy days spent chatting onrepparttar 117748 phone with friends or watching TV are just myths. Just like inrepparttar 117749 'real world', you are responsible for getting a job done, and accountable to your employer.

Working at home is a goal. If it's something you really want, then come up with a plan to achieve your goal and then work hard to meet it.


Angela is the editor of the At Home Workers Express, an email newsletter packed with practical, hype-free tips for people who want to start a work-at-home career. Subscribe free by visiting http://homebasedwork.com/ .

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