When A Parent Is Deployed

Written by Ann Scaling Tucker

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Ifrepparttar child (children) are old enough to write, suggest they keep a journal (buy them a book to write in). Then whenrepparttar 148941 parent comes home they can sharerepparttar 148942 journal withrepparttar 148943 parent. That getsrepparttar 148944 parent caught up on events and thoughtsrepparttar 148945 kids had while they were gone. Another thing you could do is tear outrepparttar 148946 page and send it torepparttar 148947 parent each week.

You might have a cookout and invite other friends whose mom or dad is also deployed. You could also invite a new family that just moved intorepparttar 148948 neighborhood.

If you have a major holiday, i.e., Thanksgiving, whilerepparttar 148949 parent is gone, turn onrepparttar 148950 tape recorder duringrepparttar 148951 dinner so mom or dad can hearrepparttar 148952 conversations. Haverepparttar 148953 kids make a list of allrepparttar 148954 food that you had to eat. Take lots of pictures to send. Have everyone say a special message torepparttar 148955 parent.

Haverepparttar 148956 kids write a poem and send it. Haverepparttar 148957 kids make a secret code, write a message inrepparttar 148958 code and send both torepparttar 148959 parent. Another neat letter to send would be made of words cut fromrepparttar 148960 newspaper or magazines.

Take pictures of important events: new haircuts, birthdays, parties, etc. Letrepparttar 148961 kids take pictures. Have them take pictures ofrepparttar 148962 family pets and tell a story to go along withrepparttar 148963 pictures.

Always remindrepparttar 148964 child that whether it is mom or dad that is at home or away....they are always a family.

About the Author: Ann Scaling Tucker is a retired grandmother of 5. She retired after 35 1/2 years with the Department of Defense. In her retirement years, she is a grandchild sitter and an assistant webmaster for family websites. You can see one of the websites at http://www.theclassicbabystore.com.

Parental Internet Control Software and Tips

Written by Patrick Kasozi

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Effective at filtering–Doesrepparttar web filtering software strike a good balance between filtering objectionable material and non object ional - not filter too much? The ability to customize sensitivity of filtering by each individual family member is important as well.

Activity reports –Parents should be able to see what their individual family member has been doing onrepparttar 148940 computer. This would include viewing where they have been onrepparttar 148941 Internet, what has been going on in chat rooms, and activity based on other functions withinrepparttar 148942 Internet filtering application.

Foreign language filtering –One ofrepparttar 148943 tricks that teenagers have found to bypass Internet filters is to type inrepparttar 148944 foreign language equivalent of certain keywords. By typing inrepparttar 148945 French, Spanish, or German versions ofrepparttar 148946 word "sex" or "girl" for example, you can easily bypass many filters to view objectionable content.

Individual profiles –Can you create a profile for each family member with different filtering rules?

Notification capabilities –Can you be notified at work or at home that un-authorized access or blocking is occurring?

Negligible response times –Doesrepparttar 148947 Internet filter allow you to accessrepparttar 148948 Internet without noticeable slowdown?

Remote management –Can you change settings, change rules, and change profiles from work or while on vacation withoutrepparttar 148949 installed software? The correct use of Internet filters in harmony with parental controls can makerepparttar 148950 Internet a safe and wonderful experience forrepparttar 148951 family.

Please go to www.parental-web-control.com for more Parenatal Internet Control tips.

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