When A Chickenhawk Squawks

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You see Karl has advised his buddy George to getrepparttar American people into a war based on false pretenses, that was never winnable and that has inspired an entirely new generation of Muslim people, that now have legitimate grievances, to radicalize forrepparttar 145624 sake of their perceived self-defense. Lately these truths have been making their way torepparttar 145625 American public's ears and eyes. We saw glimmers of it inrepparttar 145626 Downing Street Memos and reports of an illegal and secret air campaign taking place before congress authorized war.

Karl's behavior is perfectly understandable underrepparttar 145627 circumstances. He's scared to death thatrepparttar 145628 American people are going to wake up torepparttar 145629 news that George W. Bush lied this country into a war that has causedrepparttar 145630 deaths, maimings and injuries of thousands and thousands of people without reason. And this is what really gives him cold sweats at night, he's worried thatrepparttar 145631 American people are going to ask why we attacked a country that had no connections to Al-Queda, no WMD, didn't threaten us and had nothing to do with 9-11, when we had unfinished business with those that DID attack us.

So don't fall forrepparttar 145632 distraction by engagingrepparttar 145633 stupidity ofrepparttar 145634 argument. Stand tall and unapologetically speak loudly and truthfully and feel comforted that if Karl won't apologize for speaking lies, we shouldn't apologize for speakingrepparttar 145635 truth. Andrepparttar 145636 truth should be spoken whenever there's an opportunity, like when a chickenhawk squawks.

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Joseph Brant and The Hegelian Dialectic

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Couldrepparttar 'hiderepparttar 145623 ball' campaign or technique that keeps our attention away fromrepparttar 145624 real problem and lack of freedom, such asrepparttar 145625 'Red Scare' (Palmer Raids) or spread of communism be taken over by anti-smoking and ecology? I'm surerepparttar 145626 people inrepparttar 145627 trenches of these battles are good people who have no ulterior motive. But my question is worth thinking about onrepparttar 145628 road to establishing priorities, I hope. The highest level of engineering whererepparttar 145629 greatest evolution has occurred might be inrepparttar 145630 field of 'social engineering' and polite political intrigue. This is one area of human development that I see no ancient gift and intent to develop into greater adeptness, untilrepparttar 145631 myth-making ofrepparttar 145632 Mediterranean patriarchs or what Jung callsrepparttar 145633 'Ur-stories'. From that point forward things have taken a far more Synarchistic tyrannical turn. The relationship of Onassis and Winston Churchill is one that I find most intriguing but no greater thanrepparttar 145634 Iroquois roots ofrepparttar 145635 Randolphs or Churchills. The Indian name of Joseph Brant tells us his father understood what position his son would have to take.

Inrepparttar 145636 tradition ofrepparttar 145637 Mediwiwin Society of pre-Columbian Masons in America andrepparttar 145638 genetically proven Sioux to Iroquois Haplogroup X trackers showing they are white, we have Joseph Brant who is a proud Mason. Churchill is related to him; and because Churchill was also a Druid and Mason among other things includingrepparttar 145639 Rhodes outgrowth of Illuminism, it gets interesting to see this. Of course, one must remember that Thomas Paine said Masonry is based onrepparttar 145640 'sun’ {son} worship of Druidry and thatrepparttar 145641 Adams Dragons are in this too. This is taken fromrepparttar 145642 respected official Masonic site of British Columbia andrepparttar 145643 Yukon.

“1742 - November 2, 1807

The Mohawk Thayendanegea, also known as Joseph Brant, served as Principle Chief ofrepparttar 145644 Six Nations Indians, a Christian missionary ofrepparttar 145645 Anglican church, and a British military officer duringrepparttar 145646 U.S. War of Independence.

Brant was born in 1742 near what is now Akron, Ohio and givenrepparttar 145647 Mohawk name of Thayendanegea, meaning "he places two bets." {N.B.} He inheritedrepparttar 145648 status of Mohawk Chief from his father.

A student of Latin and Greek, he helped translate Mark's Gospel into Mohawk. Withrepparttar 145649 help ofrepparttar 145650 Iroquois, he fought forrepparttar 145651 British againstrepparttar 145652 American colonists. Afterrepparttar 145653 war he led his people to what is now Ontario, Canada. Joseph Brant died in Burlington, Upper Canada on November 2, 1807. The story of his rescuing a Continental soldier may be apocryphal.” (6) "Apocryphal" perhaps but it is also evidence of his connection with a media spin which makes his people accepted on both sides.

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