What you need to know about Google's new AdWords affiliate policy.

Written by Rolf Arne Trondhjem

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At least it has to list allrepparttar benefits forrepparttar 105844 product you are promoting. You should consider collectingrepparttar 105845 email-address fromrepparttar 105846 visitor before he or she moves on. If you do so you can send them follow-up emails.

But,repparttar 105847 most effective technique I have found is to offer your visitors a bonus if they buyrepparttar 105848 product through your link. Simply tell them to send you an email after they have maderepparttar 105849 purchase and that you will send themrepparttar 105850 download-link as soon as you have confirmedrepparttar 105851 purchase.

For best results, your bonus should be something related to your product.

Since you probably are not able to have a 100% CTR from your Landing page to your sales page, here are a couple of things you should consider:

1. Don't sell products that pay less than $20 commission. 2. Turn off "Content Network" in your campaign settings.

When you have to send more visitors to your landing page, you cannot afford to buy low-targeted traffic.

Happy AdWording!

Rolf Arne Trondhjem "The AdWords Junkie"

"The AdWords Junkie", Rolf Arne Trondhjem, has been selling products on Adwords for a long time. His new membership page is offering affiliates landing pages and advanced training in mastering the AdWords program. http://www.adwords-rescue.com

Find Powerful Keyword Phrases in Five Easy Steps!

Written by Chet Childers

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You will learnrepparttar popularity ofrepparttar 105843 keyword search phrases. Ifrepparttar 105844 number of searches is inrepparttar 105845 thousands then you have a large market opportunity for your product or service offering. Unfortunately, if it is a low number of searches you may want to reconsider your market potential. However, a pay-per-click campaign could be a quick market research project. There is no reason why low search volume phrases cannot produce a high click-through and conversion rate opportunity in a small, targeted market. Isn't that what people refer to as a niche market? Now again, add more keyword phrases to your list. Check outrepparttar 105846 Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool works differently fromrepparttar 105847 Overture tool. Enter your keyword search phrase inrepparttar 105848 search box, select your language and country and reviewrepparttar 105849 two results. The first result is every keyword search phrase containing your keyword search phrase. The second result is similar keywords to your keyword search phrase. Once again, you will probably see some keyword phrases that you haven't thought about. Unfortunately, search volumes are not provided but, look atrepparttar 105850 number of possible additions to your keyword phrase list. Again, add more keyword phrases to your list. There is one additional keyword tool you might want to consider. This free tool is Good Keywords which can be downloaded at www.goodkeywords.com. This tool retrieves its results fromrepparttar 105851 Overture search engine so you will getrepparttar 105852 same information asrepparttar 105853 Overture Keyword Selector Tool. However, it does provide features and functions which make it easier to cut and paste results to other documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Oncerepparttar 105854 keyword phrases and search volumes are loaded in an Excel spreadsheet, it is very easy to sort, group and manipulate your keyword phrase possibilities. By now you should easily have one hundred plus keyword phrases to select from. In fact, you may have a several hundred or even more than one thousand. Also, there are several other things you may want to consider such as synonyms to your keywords, typical misspellings and seasonal variations of your keyword phrases.

The task of finding, selecting and targeting keyword phrases is a significant key to success in pay-per-click marketing. Apply these ideas and tasks and you will be on your way to pay-per-click campaign success.

Chet Childers is a successful Internet marketer utilizing the power and quick response of pay-per-click marketing to increase website visibility and profitability. Click www.ThePayPerClickMarketer.com and enroll in our e-course, "Discover Tips and Secrets for Pay-Per-Click Marketing Success," or visit www.ChetChilders.com.

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