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Written by Mansi gupta

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The tribal government of California and some tribes there has signed or has agreed to certain compacts. These compacts are meant to provide sharing of money inrepparttar form of revenue withrepparttar 145722 other Indian and non-gaming tribes. The revenues so collected byrepparttar 145723 tribal government are invested inrepparttar 145724 general welfare ofrepparttar 145725 tribal people like building houses for them, education, health and hygiene, water and food facilities etc. The IGRA or Indian Gaming Regulation Act plays an important role in this area. For it is meant to monitorrepparttar 145726 manner in whichrepparttar 145727 revenues obtained fromrepparttar 145728 gaming industry’s profits, are spent byrepparttar 145729 tribal governments. The gaming industry is acknowledged asrepparttar 145730 most flourishing Indian economic enterprise available torepparttar 145731 Native Americans. The consequences trickle down further as nearly 2.7 billion dollar proceeds were utilized in paying federal taxes, 1.8 million is forrepparttar 145732 state income taxes and 2.8 billion is handed over to social security. Not just this butrepparttar 145733 revenue has also helped tremendously in creating new jobs and so settling employment forrepparttar 145734 unemployed. Thusrepparttar 145735 surrounding communities and their small economies are also largely benefited by this industry. However, there always remains a threat ofrepparttar 145736 Native American people especially youngsters falling inrepparttar 145737 trap of several abuses like drug abuse, alcohol andrepparttar 145738 like. To alleviate this menacerepparttar 145739 tribal governments and alsorepparttar 145740 media have arranged several programs that educaterepparttar 145741 Native as well asrepparttar 145742 non-Native Americans ofrepparttar 145743 perils of gambling addiction. The gaming is profoundly embedded inrepparttar 145744 life of Native Americans. Its maintenance and continuance helpsrepparttar 145745 younger generations in knowingrepparttar 145746 tastes and richness ofrepparttar 145747 older ones. The gaming is so well nurtured and kindled byrepparttar 145748 Native Americans like a mother cares and encourages her child throughout her life.

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