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Not to be overlooked onrepparttar land of Portsmouth isrepparttar 150458 beautiful and grand mansion The Moffat-Ladd home and garden. The mansion that is a paradigm example of Georgian architecture is bordered by archaic gardens that cover more than an acre of land. A stroll amongstrepparttar 150459 lovely chestnut trees can be a lifetime experience. The mansion has some exotic woodwork carvings inside that are enough to stealrepparttar 150460 gaze of all visitors.

The Wentworth-Gardner House is another historic Georgian mansion that that too has a tail hanging behind. The place is bedecked with excellent furniture, huge gardens, a barn, a wharf and other buildings.

The Tobias Lear House ofrepparttar 150461 Tobias Lear V who served asrepparttar 150462 secretary of George Washington is also a laudable place to go to. The oldest colonial paintings can be relished atrepparttar 150463 worldwide known The Warner House.

Other Attractions

In order to have a brush with submarine history and technology,repparttar 150464 USS Albacore isrepparttar 150465 perfect place. St. John’s Church where President George Washington had attended services on 1st November 1789, has summoned numerous visitors for all times. The pleasure of Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching can be experienced on a five hours cruise to gaze atrepparttar 150466 whales.

Last but notrepparttar 150467 least shopping can be a real fun in Portsmouth forrepparttar 150468 things you purchase will be devoid of sales tax. There is no end torepparttar 150469 list of material available here. From antiques, jewelry to garments, furniture and food items, all are at hand.

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For Effective Weight Loss - Curb Hunger And Avoid The Binge

Written by Gregg Gillies

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Try to keep some of these things handy -

Cooked kitchen strips - one cup has 38 grams of protein and only 180 calories

Lowfat cottage cheese - one cup has 28 grams of protein and 168 calories

A three ounce can of white-meat chicken has 14 grams of protein and 70 calories

Two sticks of string cheese has 14 grams of protein and 160 calories

A full can of tuna packed in spring water - 37 grams of protein and 175 calories

Reach forrepparttar nuts. Keeping nuts around will keep you from binging on high carbohydrate junk food because they are just as convenient for when you have to eat something now!

Nuts supply you with good fats that can lower your cholesterol as well as fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Make sure to select dry roasted and unsalted. And don't forget, even though it's high in good fats, that still translates to 9 calories per gram. Don't over eat.

Gregg Gillies is a speaker, consultant, fat loss expert, trainer and author. He teaches fitness via his articles, books, free newsletter and courses at his web site http://www.buildleanmuscle.com .

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