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Written by Mansi gupta

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The city of Munich is bustling with all sorts of people from students to musicians, artists andrepparttar like. The place is known for its nightlife and forrepparttar 147305 love for fashion. The season to visit Munich is from June to October when you can actually enjoy and tasterepparttar 147306 fun and flora ofrepparttar 147307 city. The popular tourist spots arerepparttar 147308 Englischer Garden which has a Chineese Pagoda along with beautifully trimmed landscape parks. Then there are alsorepparttar 147309 Residenz palace and Klostergasthof Andechs well known for its chilly beer. Konigshof Hotel and Stachus Plaza are recommendable places to stay.

The city of Hamburg also known asrepparttar 147310 ‘gateway torepparttar 147311 world’ is situated betweenrepparttar 147312 Lake Alster and River Elbe. The place has a horde of museums and historical buildings with a bubbling nightlife and delectable cuisine. Hotels like Kempinski Hotel Atlantic Hamburg located alongside Lake Alster can be opted to stay. If you want to take a look at old timber houses along with skyscrapers thenrepparttar 147313 city of Frankfurt isrepparttar 147314 right choice. The place has lots of attractions like Palmengarten (1869) -a home to thousands of wonderful plants, events ofrepparttar 147315 sort Nokia Night ofrepparttar 147316 Proms,repparttar 147317 Frankfurt zoo and so forth.

Apart from these cities there are other celebrated cities are Cologne known for German architecture, long winding roads, restaurants andrepparttar 147318 hot favorite of children as well as kids-the Chocolate Museum,repparttar 147319 city of Saarburg resting inrepparttar 147320 hills of Saar river valley and alsorepparttar 147321 city known for giving birth too auto companies- Stuttgart.

All in all Germany is a perfect destination for your vacations!

Mansi gupta writes about germany travel topics.

Weather and Latitude are not allies

Written by David Leonhardt

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The weather is not fair. Dublin is way torepparttar North of us, so why do we get allrepparttar 147304 cold?

I decided to take a peak at a few other pages of my atlas. Lo and behold, Venice is also onrepparttar 147305 45th parallel. Let me tell you thatrepparttar 147306 Venice, Italy weather forecast never calls for getting buried in snow for three or four months ofrepparttar 147307 year...unless you happen to be viewing "The Day After Tomorrow". In fact,repparttar 147308 average temperature in Venice in January is +1 (that's about 34-degrees American).

Hmm. I wondered what else lay alongrepparttar 147309 45th parallel. The French Riviera. Not too much ice going on there. Portland, Oregon. I checkedrepparttar 147310 Portland, USA weather forecast. Yup, same as Venice in January. Sevastapol, Urkaine, also with January temperatures near Venice.

In fact, no other well-populated area ofrepparttar 147311 world endures so much cold (except parts of Russia, but many of those people can't affordrepparttar 147312 taxi fare to go somewhere else).

So why do so many people with so much wealth live in such an inhospitable climate as Ottawa, Canada? I don't know. Maybe we are waiting for latitude to correct this little anomaly.

Or maybe our brains are simply frozen. Or maybe that's why so many people around here head south to enjoy that Orlando, Florida weather forecast.

David Leonhardt is an Ottawa, Canada-based SEO & marketing consultant. Get your local weather forecast or check out his upcoming vacation-travel directory.

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