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If you are stunned withrepparttar popularity and status of ‘bears’, you have stepped inrepparttar 151211 metropolis Bern. Bern is a delightful city that isrepparttar 151212 capital of Switzerland and is nestled in a curve inrepparttar 151213 River Aare. The ancient exotic fountains,repparttar 151214 majestic arcades that seem to be eternal and caring,repparttar 151215 Kunstmuseum or art Museum withrepparttar 151216 original magnum opus ofrepparttar 151217 genius Swiss painter Paul Klee, are some ofrepparttar 151218 outstanding features ofrepparttar 151219 Bern city. Some more museums like Bern Historical Museum that presents exclusive archaeological artifacts; 15th century tapestries etc., The Natural History Museum,repparttar 151220 Communication Museum andrepparttar 151221 Kunsthalle Bern Museum always receiverepparttar 151222 vacationers’ attention.

The Bernese Oberland region of Bern is an evergreen tourist destination. The area has some ofrepparttar 151223 captivating spots like Interlaken town that is bedecked by three mountains namely Jungfrau, Monch andrepparttar 151224 Eiger. The spectacular Grindelwald Glacier nearrepparttar 151225 recognized Grindelwald resort never lets one take off his eyes from it. To elate your spiritsrepparttar 151226 Trummelbach Falls that can be distinctively viewed via an elevator built inrepparttar 151227 rock andrepparttar 151228 Staubbach Waterfalls await your visit.

To rock your body onrepparttar 151229 pulsating music, celebrate withrepparttar 151230 Swiss their highly acclaimed Montreaux Jazz Festival inrepparttar 151231 Montreaux city. What can also be relished isrepparttar 151232 amazing work of art ofrepparttar 151233 mentally ill and criminals atrepparttar 151234 distinguished Collection de l’Art Brut museum that is to be found inrepparttar 151235 city of Lausanne. The town of Klosters is swarming with visitors for its fantastic ski resort that too is known as Klosters. Skiing can also be enjoyed atrepparttar 151236 popular skiing resorts inrepparttar 151237 town of St. Moritz. Sincerepparttar 151238 town rests onrepparttar 151239 southern side of Alps Mountains at an altitude of 6000 feet, it is allrepparttar 151240 more appealing torepparttar 151241 visitors.

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Back To The Western World

Written by VMT Singuillo

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products at great deals. These products could include replica guns and pistols of

the old cowboys, cowboy hats, leather jackets, Native American jewelries, dream

catchers, bow and arrows, and many other Native American arts and crafts.

Many US states such as Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and other

states have Indian reservations and thus western stores could be present in these


Of course, as you travelrepparttar country side ofrepparttar 151141 US, you never have to worry about

lodging, cheap hotels and cheap motels

as they can be found alongrepparttar 151142 way in many towns and cities.

Well, if you'd like to rememberrepparttar 151143 western past of our society, collect a

souvenir or two.

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