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Madrid City is known for its incredible nightlife that lifts your spirits and leaves you rocking. Some ofrepparttar illustrious nightclubs onrepparttar 149033 street of Calle Huertas are The Kapital (a 7 floor club) and The Malasana. Besides this there is tremendous activity in The Paza de Chueca club, Alonso Martinez etc. The discobars and clubs are meant not just for couples or stag but for families as well.

The Madrid festivals lure people acrossrepparttar 149034 globe. There Fiestas de San Isidro is one ofrepparttar 149035 biggest festivals ofrepparttar 149036 year. It commences from 15th of May and bedazzlesrepparttar 149037 visitors with excellent dance performances, concerts, and other performances. The delectable food duringrepparttar 149038 festival remains acts as a magnet. The festivals like Feria de la Comunidad in May, Feria de Otono in September and Feria turnia etc. have at displayrepparttar 149039 treasured game of bull fighting. To add torepparttar 149040 glory of Madrid isrepparttar 149041 spectacular Verbena de la Paloma festival from 6th to 15th of August. The festival mirrorsrepparttar 149042 Madrid tradition and culture when people are decked up in their traditional attire and parade their customs. The ravishing decoration andrepparttar 149043 live performances by bands thrills you with almost all sorts of music heard roundrepparttar 149044 globe. Last but notrepparttar 149045 least arerepparttar 149046 exotic new-year celebrations at Madrid andrepparttar 149047 renowned masked ball of Circulo de Bellas Artes that leave a remarkable impression on each and every visitor.

Apart fromrepparttar 149048 fun and adventure, Madrid specializes in serving all varieties of cuisine. A person from any corner ofrepparttar 149049 world can gratify his hunger conveniently in Madrid. There is French, German, Swedish, Chinese, Italian…diversity of food available.

Madrid can berepparttar 149050 home for anyone be itrepparttar 149051 luxury orrepparttar 149052 budget travelers. From restaurants to accommodation all are designed in such a fashion that they cater well torepparttar 149053 needs ofrepparttar 149054 high as well asrepparttar 149055 low. However, it is judicious and preferable if you get allrepparttar 149056 reservations done in advance for this one amongstrepparttar 149057 largest European cities is swarming with visitors allrepparttar 149058 year round.

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Wine Tasting in Sausalito

Written by Marcy Roth

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which foods pair well with each particular wine. Plus, we are able to offer wines that are made in small lots, highly allocated, and hard to find.” Shipping is offered overseas and to all 50 states. With four tasting menus to choose from, there’s something for everyone. The Beginner’s Flight includes two ounce pours of two white wines and two reds, whilerepparttar Summer Quencher is comprised of all chilled wines, including a bone-dry Rose and a sweet Late Harvest Dessert Viognier. Bacchus & Venus is unusual in that they offer tastes ofrepparttar 148933 highly allocated and hard to find wines, including some library wines. Wine and food pairings are offered onrepparttar 148934 weekends andrepparttar 148935 two-floor bar and gallery is available for private parties. A schedule of wine classes will be posted on their website www.bacchusandvenus.com and inrepparttar 148936 local papers. Bacchus & Venus is located at 769 Bridgeway (home ofrepparttar 148937 Bottle Shop for many years). It’s betweenrepparttar 148938 No Name Pub andrepparttar 148939 Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa atrepparttar 148940 intersection of Excelsior. Phone 415-331-2001. Hours: 12 – 7 weekdays, 12 – 9 weekends. www.bacchusandvenus.com

Marcy Roth fulfilled her longtime dream three years ago when she opened Bacchus & Venus, a wine tasting room and art gallery in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area town of Sausalito. She appears as an expert in the DVD "Wine Fundamentals" and has published several articles on wine appreciation. http://www.bacchusandvenus.com/trade_press.html

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