What type of Gazebo is right for you? Top Questions you need to ask

Written by Dion Semeniuk

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What choices do I have for size?

Most gazebo manufacturers make three specific sizes. First, you haverepparttar smaller size, which measures 7.5 x 6.5-feet, followed byrepparttar 150063 family size that is 11 x 9.5-feet, and finally,repparttar 150064 grand size that is 18 x 15.5-feet. Now keep in mind that you can also buy plans to build your own gazebo or hire a professional to construct one that is custom made if you want a smaller or larger size. Additionally, with these options, you can add features that you might not get with a standard type gazebo, such as windows, special molding, wider steps, benches, and so on.

What arerepparttar 150065 advantages ofrepparttar 150066 different type material?

The last ofrepparttar 150067 five questions to ask when considering a gazebo has to do with material. In most cases, three types of material are used, which include pine, cedar, and vinyl. Forrepparttar 150068 pine, this is pressure treated and extremely strong. Because of that, it will last a lifetime and most are guaranteed against termite and rot damage. Cedar is also a very popular choice in that it looks beautiful and is naturally resistant to termites and rot. However,repparttar 150069 cedar generally looks nicer when stained or painted so there would be minor upkeep. Finally, vinyl is a low maintenance material that is strong and sometimes covered with treated pine. That means while you pay less for a vinyl gazebo, you still getrepparttar 150070 beauty and sound structure ofrepparttar 150071 pine option.

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Air Sanders: Forget electric, go air!

Written by Jason Miller

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an air sander is much kinder to your hands, while delivering more power. They also come in models that are both sanders and buffers. I really recommend one of these if you are a car or boat enthusiast. An air buffer will make quick work of a long wax job on your favorite ski boat. You can then turn around and userepparttar same tool to sand down your kitchen cabinets for painting. Air sanders are really versatile tools and a great addition to your air tools for your garage compressor. There are also orbital sanders, dual action sanders and palm grip sanders for any application you might run across. It may be time to take a second look at that air compressor stuffed inrepparttar 149653 garage. They can do a lot more than just fill up tires and run impact wrenches.

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