What to look for in an assembled PC

Written by Adam Fletcher

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What you must know:

Since it ensuresrepparttar smooth running of your system,repparttar 149627 morerepparttar 149628 better. Make surerepparttar 149629 memory capacity is upgradeable. Games: http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com/archive/index.php/f-6.html Make surerepparttar 149630 RAM is original and opt forrepparttar 149631 DDR range of RAMs. Duplicate RAMs will not function on Windows XP operating systems. The RAM comes with a year's warranty. Hard Disk Drive

HDD capacity counts for a great deal.

A 40 GB hard disk is sufficient disk space but you may choose an 80 GB variant.

The brand SEAGATE is a very reliable brand for hard disks and is preferred by most computer manufacturers and assemblers.

What you must know:

The hard disk comes with a three-year warranty. Monitor

Monitors are computer screens available in varied sizes,repparttar 149632 most popular beingrepparttar 149633 15" and 17". Windows Update: http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com/archive/index.php/f-13.html

You can choose between a flat panel plasma screen and a regular desktop monitor.

The Dynaflat type monitor is preferred torepparttar 149634 conventional CRT type, which is technically referred to asrepparttar 149635 Cathode Ray Tube.

The various brands for monitors are Samsung, Mercury and LG, to name a few. Samsung isrepparttar 149636 preferred alternative for monitors and is alsorepparttar 149637 leading peripheral components dealer.

What you must know:

Monitors usually come with a three-year warranty.


These includerepparttar 149638 keyboard, mouse, web cam, printer, scanner, joystick, etc.

Samsung and Microsoft arerepparttar 149639 preferred brands.

Choose an optical mouse overrepparttar 149640 usual one. The price difference is marginal. The same applies forrepparttar 149641 Internet keyboard.

Don't opt for a wireless mouse or a keyboard asrepparttar 149642 sensors get spoilt with time. Besides, you have to chargerepparttar 149643 batteries every week.

For printers and scanners, Hewlett Packard isrepparttar 149644 market leader.

What you must know:

Don't chooserepparttar 149645 cheapest printer in sight. You will spendrepparttar 149646 money you save in less than a year on cartridges. Don't go forrepparttar 149647 ones cheap ones as they have poor resolution. Voltage stabilisers and Spike guards Photos: http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com/archive/index.php/f-9.html

If your locality has frequent power failures or severe voltage fluctuations, opt for a voltage stabiliser. This will prevent any damage that could reducerepparttar 149648 life of your machine.

Regardless ofrepparttar 149649 locality andrepparttar 149650 power supply, opt for a spike guard. It will provide four power plug points for your computer and peripherals.

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10 Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record

Written by Joe Miller

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6. Affordability

This is perhapsrepparttar most appealing part ofrepparttar 149609 latest electronic medical record technology. Every business wants to save money while atrepparttar 149610 same time adopting time-saving technology. Because electronic medical record software uses online technology, much ofrepparttar 149611 set up costs and overhead are eliminated and reduced to monthly usage fees.

7. Infrastructure

Part ofrepparttar 149612 money-saving nature of electronic medical record technology isrepparttar 149613 elimination of IT infrastructure andrepparttar 149614 streamlining of multiple databases. The infrastructure is simplified into one online database, even for multiple offices.

8. Versatility

I have already mentioned multiple office management with electronic medical record software, but there is much more to this software than meetsrepparttar 149615 eye. Electronic medical record software stores medical transcription SOAP notes and medical codes. It allows multiple users. It also connects users to personal and online support sources.

9. Efficiency

We have almost made it full circle in our discussion ofrepparttar 149616 benefits of having an electronic medical record. But efficiency is notrepparttar 149617 same as speed. Efficiency takes all ofrepparttar 149618 duties involved in medical record and medical office management divided by time and money. Electronic medical record software can increaserepparttar 149619 numerators and decreaserepparttar 149620 denominators. Businesses often ask aboutrepparttar 149621 bottom line. Well,repparttar 149622 math says it all.

10. Manageability

The benefits of an electronic medical record may sound wonderful, but there is one more question to ask: Is it user friendly? When adopting new technology, remember thatrepparttar 149623 master needs to ride inrepparttar 149624 saddle, notrepparttar 149625 horse. Some technology requires so much attention that a business owner may be worried that he or she is now employed byrepparttar 149626 new technology and notrepparttar 149627 other way around. Electronic medical record software works for businesses.

A word of advice: in any given search engine there are millions of indexed pages that will appear as relevant results to a search for “electronic medical record”, or “EMR”. Use these benefits as search sifters, to identifyrepparttar 149628 right electronic medical record software to work for your practice.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business technology. Electronic Medical Record information is available at AdvancedMD.com.

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