What to do when your prospect just won't get back to you!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Here's my phone number. (Add phone number here)

Here's my email address. (Add email address here.)

Here's my website address. (Add URL here.)


Also, please take a minute and complete this short questionnaire and let me know what else you are interested in. Just fill it out, cut and paste and mailto:(your email address here.) I'm standing by right now to hear from you and to help you!


Company Name

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ZIP/Postal Code

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What you are interested in (please check all that apply)

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"I want my own home-based business.")

Budget you are working with:

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When you want to get started

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Any helpful information you can provide which will enable me to help you:


Once you've completed your questionnaire (and, remember,repparttar objective ofrepparttar 127378 questionnaire is to get yourepparttar 127379 information you need to build a relationship with this prospect and makerepparttar 127380 fastest possible sale), enter this message into your Sales Manager. Send it every 3 days for 75 days.

By continually hitting your prospect this way you increaserepparttar 127381 likelihood that you WILL get a response. Ifrepparttar 127382 prospect wants to stoprepparttar 127383 messages that's easy to do. Equally, once she's ready to respond, all she has to do is either follow your instructions on how you can be contacted OR just HIT REPLY to snag your attention.

In an age when people have way too little time and money to take advantage of allrepparttar 127384 offers that assail them daily, you've got to be smarter, more determined, and more tenacious than everybody else.

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Telephone Selling Tips

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Listen to what is going on aroundrepparttar person onrepparttar 127377 other end. Managers are often very busy and may have something important come up during your call.

Offer to call back in 30 minutes or an hour. This helps you get back torepparttar 127378 customer fast before he has a chance to put you off indefinitely.

When customers call you, spend a few seconds in friendly banter. Then answer questions and zero in on a product or service that can help them.

Kevin writes your sales copy, press release, or article AND gives you marketing advice at http://DrNunley.com/copywriting.htm Reach Kevin at mailto:kevin@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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