What to do when you get caught surfing by the Boss!

Written by Susan Silva, AdminProf.com

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6. If you are lucky enough to hear someone behind you, ctrl/alt/dlt and enter to lockrepparttar comp whenrepparttar 118143 boss walks up, then immediately turn to him and start discussing whatever project he has you working on. (the get-a-way)

7. Look happy and say "Wow, I have my answer! That chatroom (close your chat so they don't see SWM-30ish saying hi) or website solved my formatting issue. (the seriously it was work.. I swear not goofing off excuse)

8. Just leave your surfing up, know you get your work done, and just keep surfing. (the who-cares who sees, no excuse excuse!)

9. Keep AdminProf.com up and show your boss you surf useful business/work related sites! (the best excuse!)

Most of us surf and take breaks duringrepparttar 118144 day. If we do our work well and get it done when we are supposed to, surfing is much less an issue. Remember don't abuse surfing have fun and make use ofrepparttar 118145 vast amount of resources onrepparttar 118146 Internet!

Susan Silva is the owner of AdminProf.com, a website for office professionals of all types with useful resources, articles, message boards and a bit of fun mixed in. You can visit her site at http://www.adminprof.com or sign up for her monthly newsletter at http://lb.bcentral.com/ex/manage/subscriberprefs.aspx?customerid=14336 .


Written by Theolonius McTavish

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-- If money grows on trees, how come all we get are a bunch of rotten apple investment certificates?

-- Let me get this straight, if I bite into that apple, I can play “Devil’s Advocate” for a day?

-- I’m tired of being “touched by an angel”, can we try something spooky for a change?

-- If I’d wanted to play “snakes and ladders”, I’d have married a social-climbing serpent!

-- Wow, it’s another episode of "Desperate Housewives in Paradise" -- do you mind if I sit down and watch?

-- Okay honeybun, where’d you put my “Get Out of Jail Free Card” anyway?

-- Look at it this way, if God had wanted me to bite into that apple, he wouldn’t have given me dentures!

-- I don’t polish apples for anyone, and that includes you!

-- Why don’t you put that apple on your head, while I find my plucky bow and trusty arrow.

-- What could be more rewarding than biting a few biscuits, dust bunnies, or speeding bullets?

-- Perhaps you could read one more chapter from my favorite pillow book, "The Boo Hoo Bible: The Neo American Church Catechism" by Art Kleps -- before we retire forrepparttar night.

-- Listen, being President of a meat-eating country means you don't have to eat broccoli, sprouts or apples for that matter!

-- Hey, I know Popeye eats spinach to make him big and strong, but are you sure that munching on bag of apples will make me a Wicked Witch to be reckoned with?

Theolonius McTavish, an itinerant scribe in the Palace of The Quipping Queen (http://www.quippingqueen.blogspot.com) and the perambulating, pondering sort who has a frightful aversion to apples, Eves and anything named "Paradise".

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