What to Keep in Mind When Flirting & Dating Online

Written by JSG

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4.Before you really reach out and touch someone… Make sure to speak onrepparttar phone before your first face-to-face meeting. Any one can sit behind a keyboard and type. A phone call helps you better “see”repparttar 143041 personality ofrepparttar 143042 person who didrepparttar 143043 typing! If your acquaintance is reluctant to talk onrepparttar 143044 phone, don’t agree to meet. 5.“Caution isrepparttar 143045 most valuable asset in fishing… especially when you’rerepparttar 143046 fish!” Be cautious when planning your first meeting. Although chances are slim that you’ll meet a shark, you still need to take some basic precautions. Tell an off-line friend about your plans. Arrange a phone call with them to “check in”. Either call them or ask them to call you on your cell phone just to say “hi” and make sure all is well. Meet in a public placerepparttar 143047 first time like a local coffee shop, mall, or well-frequented park or other populated area. Try to arrange your first meeting duringrepparttar 143048 daytime. 6.How do you mend a broken heart? Don’t be too disappointed if things don’t work outrepparttar 143049 first time. Ifrepparttar 143050 chemistry isn’t there, although you may not “click” as a couple, you still have met a new friend. Who knows what benefits that could bring you downrepparttar 143051 road? 7.“Remember, you can’t changerepparttar 143052 direction ofrepparttar 143053 wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.” Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes searching for your soul mate can make you feel like a lost soul. When you start flirting with desperation and bitterness, simply take a break fromrepparttar 143054 dating scene. Friends and family will help you remember that you are a worthwhile, lovable person. When you regain your positive attitude dive in again! Inrepparttar 143055 end, it’s notrepparttar 143056 destination that’s important; it’srepparttar 143057 journey. Enjoyrepparttar 143058 ride and be happy!

About the writer: JSG is a single father recently entering the online dating game and editor of www.flirtingsecret.com, your guide to flirting successfully!

The Danger Of Hate

Written by Kevin Quigley

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Although your current way of life is hard, think not how to get rid of it, but how to REPLACE it with a better way of life. Think SUCCESS - not revenge. Assess what you resent about your life now.

You may even resentrepparttar things that you would normally enjoy, were your circumstances different. Occassions like Christmas, birthdays, and Easter can can be trying times when you have no money to spend. Children don't understandrepparttar 143013 restrictions of a tight budget, and it can cause great distress to a parent who is unable to give his childrepparttar 143014 gift, or day out, that they would like. Now imaginerepparttar 143015 difference in these circumstances when you have achieved success and you are wealthy.

There is no harm in imaginingrepparttar 143016 difference your wealth will make to your lifestyle - but approach it lightheartedly.

Say to yourself: I will work to be a success so that I can tell my boss where to stick his job! And so I can seerepparttar 143017 look onrepparttar 143018 Bank managers face when I tell him not to bother offering me overdraft facilities anymore! This attitude is positive, but don't haterepparttar 143019 way things are, orrepparttar 143020 people it involves. That would only make things worse. You will have plenty of time to reflect on your past when you are wealthy!

These things that make you miserable and depressed will be all behind you when you putrepparttar 143021 secrets of success to work. Imagine life without all these trying times. You will be able to enjoy Christmas, and give your kids what they want. That squillion function, water-resistant, solar-powered gizmo (that they ALWAYS wanted) will be a drop inrepparttar 143022 ocean to you!

Many ofrepparttar 143023 people who buy books on starting a business actually don't bother starting up. They can't imagine themselves ever running their own business and earning Unlimited amounts of money. They never see things how they CAN be - only how they are. Don't make this mistake! KNOW what you want, KNOW how to get it, SEE how it WILL be, and then go for it!!


Kevin Quigley is the Publisher/Editor of 'The Internet Affiliates Resources Directory' Free sample subscription: Blank email to: bizzyman@auto-responder.co.uk Unsubscribe with one click.


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