What stands behind the software description?

Written by Daria Winkler

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Brand factor. As practically everything in software development science, there are a small number of ways to develop it right, and almost an infinite number of ways to develop it wrong. Still, Esvon guys have come torepparttar profession of software development deliberately: they like to create things from pure thought, things that give life to machines and that matter to many businesses. Those, who are guided by brand images, sometimes risk being trapped: since brand awareness very often compensatesrepparttar 107767 poor functionality ofrepparttar 107768 software. And vice versa:repparttar 107769 brand, which is not well known yet, generatesrepparttar 107770 solutions, which well worth paying money for:

"Esvon Classifieds is built with performance in mind: I should stress its highly optimized database and PHP code, as little SQL queries as possible, ability to generate static HTML content to allow large databases and high visitors traffic handling, search engine friendliness, adaptability ofrepparttar 107771 system and other beneficial features. I would underline its scalability, real-time configured custom database fields (text boxes, menus, checkboxes, unlimited images, files to upload, etc.), ability to generate HTML pages from databases, user authentication and paid membership support. It does distinguish from other existing solutions."

Reliable customer support factor. Software can be simple, it can be complicated, it might be easy-to-install, it might be user-friendly, it might require no

Daria Winkler is Co-founder and Principal of Esvon LLC (http://www.esvon.com/), information technology company, providing cost effective software development and outsourcing services to our clients and professional classified ads software for website owners.

Can You Restore Your Data From Your Backup?

Written by Per Strandberg

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The problem you face is that in order to restore all your hard disk data you need to haverepparttar same or a similar configuration for everything to work out as before. Mayberepparttar 107766 operating system you used is not available anymore or hard to find.

In any case you probably wantrepparttar 107767 newest and latest version.

This is where you have problems!

You can installrepparttar 107768 old operating system if you haverepparttar 107769 installation CDs available.

When you installrepparttar 107770 backup program and installrepparttar 107771 data fromrepparttar 107772 backup you can run into problem. If it is a new operating system then you do run into problem.

This is because program modules and also settings stored inrepparttar 107773 registration file becomes mixed up andrepparttar 107774 computer stops working.

It is often not enough to userepparttar 107775 same Windows version in repparttar 107776 installation. Your backup you can still have a different version as a result of different bug fixes. This is what Microsoft calls Service Packs and your deep level data can get mixed up.

As a result you may be losing software you have installed fromrepparttar 107777 Internet or bought from a supplier and you have to purchaserepparttar 107778 products again.

There are two actions to take to solve this depending on how important this is to your business.

One: You find thatrepparttar 107779 products you have downloaded or repparttar 107780 application products you have bought are not of high enough value. Or you can afford to purchase repparttar 107781 software again.

Two: You keep record of all software you have downloaded and purchased onrepparttar 107782 Internet so that you can contactrepparttar 107783 vendor for a new version.

You store all installation product and documentation so that you can installrepparttar 107784 products fromrepparttar 107785 installation CD you have purchased over time.

To be onrepparttar 107786 safe side you should:

1. Make regular computer backup ofrepparttar 107787 data you are working with on a daily basis and haverepparttar 107788 computer backup stored on a safe place. Preferably on a remote location.

2. Do make an image backup of your hard disk when you have installed new software. This ensures that you can be back in business inrepparttar 107789 case of corrupted hard disk or hard disk failure.

3. Document all your purchases and passwords. Keep records and store all software installations. Keep all this at a remote location.

============================================================ Per Strandberg have been working with data management and runs an information site for backup products and data security! GoTo ==> www.data-backup-and-storage.com and get information on backup products and learn how to protect your data ============================================================

Per Strandberg have been working with data management and software development. He currently runs an information site on backup products and data security! www.data-backup-and-storage.com

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