What is your real goal: web positioning with top results or the ability to attract more qualified traffic to your website?

Written by Fernando Macia

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- A potential customer can locate a website entering such a large variety of keywords, phrases, synonyms, misspelled words, expressions, etc. that limitingrepparttar positioning of a website torepparttar 128098 utilization of five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty keywords would not begin to coverrepparttar 128099 spectrum of possibilities available to any Internet user. - The origins of prospective clients are typically so diverse that adopting an online marketing strategy that simply positions a website for a limited number of search engines would greatly reducerepparttar 128100 chances of capturing additional audiences frequenting areas such as forums, user groups, e-mails, newsletters, referrals, chat rooms, blogs, online articles, etc. Even though, in most cases, Google, for example, generates over 75% ofrepparttar 128101 traffic referrals for a website, it is important to note that external referrals to a website from areas such as forums or newsletters are also taken into consideration by Google and other search engines while positioning a website. A complete web positioning strategy should therefore take into consideration external website referrals due torepparttar 128102 effect that they have onrepparttar 128103 overall positioning and also because these referrals are excellent sources for directing more qualified traffic to a website. - A web positioning report illustratesrepparttar 128104 ranking that a website would obtain ifrepparttar 128105 keywords chosen by us were submitted torepparttar 128106 list of search engines also selected by us. A web traffic report, onrepparttar 128107 other hand, shows exactly how a prospective customer found our website (i.e. shows bothrepparttar 128108 keywords typed in byrepparttar 128109 customer andrepparttar 128110 search engine used byrepparttar 128111 customer.) - A web positioning report showsrepparttar 128112 spot that could be achieved, but provides little insight on how to improverepparttar 128113 results obtained. One ofrepparttar 128114 many features of a web traffic report isrepparttar 128115 ability to capture what specific keywords and corresponding search engines generatedrepparttar 128116 majority ofrepparttar 128117 visits to a website, or those that actually converted visits into real customers. This continuous feedback provided byrepparttar 128118 web traffic reports is an excellent mechanism to fine-tune search concepts and improve their effectiveness. - Web traffic reports can also be utilized to analyze howrepparttar 128119 popularity of a particular search concept evolves over time and how new trends or concepts are born. This information enablesrepparttar 128120 incorporation of new niche keywords that will improverepparttar 128121 positioning of a website not only by reducingrepparttar 128122 scope of a search, but also by increasingrepparttar 128123 chances that a potential customer will select those keywords. - Finally, a web traffic report also lists allrepparttar 128124 external referring entities (e.g., forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc.); information that will prove invaluable for expanding a web positioning strategy and enhancing its vision for a more global reach.

Attracting qualified Internet traffic to a website (i.e. customers that are interested inrepparttar 128125 products or services being offered) ought to berepparttar 128126 ultimate goal of any online marketing strategy. This effort cannot be simply limited torepparttar 128127 selection of a series of search keywords and engines, all chosen beforehand. Instead, a more global approach must be adopted that encompasses web optimization, search engine submissions, inclusion of references in external areas such as forums, user groups or value-added portals,repparttar 128128 publication of articles, andrepparttar 128129 contribution of content to other websites. This expanded strategy will enhance our overall Internet presence and will enablerepparttar 128130 most popular search engines to locate a website applying a greater variety of search concepts. Lastly, by applyingrepparttar 128131 feedback obtained fromrepparttar 128132 web traffic reports, our global Internet presence can be continually improved and sustained to ensure consistent and effective results.

Fernando Macia is Human Level Commuications' CEO, a company with offices in Alicante, Spain and Dallas, Texas. We specialize in web design, CMS development, search engine optimization and traffic statistics data mining. www.humanlevel.com

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 3: Site Structure

Written by Mary Davies

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Once you have createdrepparttar site structure and inserted all of your content you will then beginrepparttar 128097 basic optimization of your site. In your code you will want to create Meta tags that fit your keyword choice. The two most important Meta tags arerepparttar 128098 Description tag andrepparttar 128099 Keyword tag. Your description should highlight your keyword phrase, keeping it focused, torepparttar 128100 point and readable. Your keyword tags should also be focused using each keyword a maximum of 3 times in any set. These tags should be customized on each page to fitrepparttar 128101 specific phrase targeted.

Afterrepparttar 128102 Meta tags have been inserted appropriately to fit each page it is important to title each page appropriately. The main targeted phrase should berepparttar 128103 focus ofrepparttar 128104 title, keep it simple, focused, torepparttar 128105 point, do not bog it down with extra descriptive text, this is not your description, it is your title.

Next move onto Alt tags. Though it is good practice to add Alt tags to all your imagesrepparttar 128106 spiders only put weight on those that are contained within links. An example of this: <a href="http://www.beanstalk-inc.com"><img src="Images/webhead.jpg" alt="Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning" width="461" height="145" border="0"></a> These Alt tags allow you to make your images matter. Most main navigation is image based so be sure to add appropriate Alt tags targeting your keywords to this very prominent area of your site. Another great place to add a link along with its Alt tag is in your header image. Linking this image to your URL addsrepparttar 128107 ability to makerepparttar 128108 first thingrepparttar 128109 spiders hit within your tables to at least hold some content that "matters" rather than simply a static image.

H1 tags are also great way to add weight to your content however, use them wisely. You can use any ofrepparttar 128110 H1,2,3,4 tags,repparttar 128111 idea being H1 has repparttar 128112 most weight, H2 a little less and so on. Do not over use these tags or they will lose their value all together. The correct way to use these is to use them where they actually belong, for examplerepparttar 128113 first line of text on a page,repparttar 128114 title. Also, if you are defining your fonts in a style sheet, which you should be, be sure not to abuse these tags. An H1 tag should be defined bigger than an H2, etc.

Utilizingrepparttar 128115 above tips will create a site structure that isrepparttar 128116 perfect environment forrepparttar 128117 spiders, it is clean, focused and easily read. Your site structure is now optimized and ready forrepparttar 128118 more advanced content optimization elements to come.

Next Week

Next week in part four we will be covering content optimization. This will cover everything from meta tag optimization torepparttar 128119 use of heading tags.

Mary Davies is the owner of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. Mary works and writes with years of experience in website design and search engine optimization.

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