What is wrong with FFA-Links Submissions

Written by Ross Reyman

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4) HEADLINES arerepparttar most important part of your ad. Vary and test your ads constantly. You have only seconds to getrepparttar 125156 customers attention.

5) Checkrepparttar 125157 index at http://5millionfreebies.isFun.net/ The owner has kicked out any submitters who get three strikes. One dealers was receiving and not submitting. He was gone.

6) A German Filter System. This European site adds 7 question when you post such asrepparttar 125158 city of your birth. Then 4 ofrepparttar 125159 questions are repeated later. Then if you answer all 4 correctly, you are posted. This system claims that pranksters are out.

6) My Solution. There is a need for a new network. An example is a banner that I saw called 101 best antiques sites. 101 dealers together in a directory of services. This could be done with almost all type of dealers from opportunities to sport information. Someone is going to write in and say we have these already. I have seen only 3 since I started nearly 20 months ago. An comments should be address to rwreyman@sonic.net / I will be publishing these in my magazine at http://www.sonic.net/~rwreyman/EntMind17.html/

Ross Reyman is publisher of Entrepreneur 2001 Magazines. He is interested in improving internet marketing and going away with the inconsistencies that now exist on the internet. 5 Million Freebies For Moneymakers http://www.sonic.net/~rwreyman Entrepreneurs 2001 Magazine http://www.sonic.net/~rwreyman/EntMind17.html

Magical Words Make Your Site Sell!

Written by Robert Olson

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If you are not familiar with this copywriting formula, I can only sugggest that you should makerepparttar time to learn about it. The time, effort and even money spent in learning to write irresistable material for your ads and webpages wil turn out to berepparttar 125155 goose that laysrepparttar 125156 golden egg! If you don't haverepparttar 125157 time or you think you don't haverepparttar 125158 ability to learn a little about this art, hire a professional. It will be money well spent!

The internet has allrepparttar 125159 resources you need to learn how to write powerful ad copy. Just run a search forrepparttar 125160 word 'copywriting' and you will find everything from articles, books and even professional copywriting services. Even if you only learnrepparttar 125161 simple basics of copywriting, you will be many sales ahead.

Start by usingrepparttar 125162 magical words that sell fromrepparttar 125163 moment your visitors arrive. You know how impatient people can be if they don't find what they are looking for right away - so give it to them! You can always tell them about how good your company is after you have them wrapped around your virtual finger. Use magical words to make your site sell and it will soon be you who ownsrepparttar 125164 goose that lays those golden internet eggs!

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