What is the difference between Unix and NT systems ?

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This platform is also preferred by most webmasters due to their technical requirements. Most webmasters outsource their e-commerce solutions, and therefore don't need to configure complex database systems on their pay Web sites. UNIX servers also provide a wider degree of flexibility due to their shell environment. Shell environments are interactive, text-based systems that allow webmasters to interact and customize their services in real-time from any computer system worldwide. Unlike NT systems, UNIX is not limited to special remote administration programs. A typical UNIX system can be accessed from any computer connected torepparttar Internet without special or expensive software.

Butrepparttar 134393 most favored reason that most webmasters chooserepparttar 134394 UNIX platform is because of its uptime. Most UNIX systems with heavy traffic can provide 99 per cent uptime. NT servers with heavy traffic usually cannot make this same claim, unless specially configured. For this reason, average webmasters should select UNIX as their OS.

If you don't know which platform you need, then most likely you do not require NT hosting and you should select one of our UNIX hosting plans. The only time you would need to use NT hosting is when you are usingrepparttar 134395 specific NT applications noted above. Microsoft FrontPage may be used on bothrepparttar 134396 UNIX and NT platforms as since most hosting firms supportrepparttar 134397 Microsoft FrontPage server extensions on both.

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10 helpful tips to follow when switching web hosts

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The file HOSTS should be inrepparttar c:windowssystem32driversetc You might only find a file named HOSTS.SAM (as in SAMPLE). That is OK; we can modifyrepparttar 134392 HOSTS.SAM file as well and do a SAVE AS HOSTS.

In either case, double click onrepparttar 134393 HOSTS file to open it. You will be prompted by Windows to select an Application (Program) to use to VIEWrepparttar 134394 file.

Scrollrepparttar 134395 list and select Notepad. Clickrepparttar 134396 OK button. The NOTEPAD program will now open, displayingrepparttar 134397 file HOSTS. You will see examples listed (The # symbol is used to comment out line or remarks.),repparttar 134398 format is this. IP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx SPACE name) So, to tell your computer that www.yourwebsite.com is atrepparttar 134399 address (replace with your real IP) 12.345.678.90 addrepparttar 134400 following entry torepparttar 134401 bottom ofrepparttar 134402 hosts file: 12.345.678.90 www.yourdomain.com (As inrepparttar 134403 example).

Click on FILE, slide down and click on SAVE AS.

Inrepparttar 134404 Save As Type field, select ALL FILES. (Ensure that no .SAM is shown afterrepparttar 134405 filename HOSTS. Click SAVE. You may be warned thatrepparttar 134406 file already exists; this is fine, click YES.

Close Notepad, by clicking on FILE, slide down to EXIT, and click. Now when you open your web browser, or try to pingrepparttar 134407 site, your system will go torepparttar 134408 IP address you typed inrepparttar 134409 HOSTS file.

Remember to undo this when finished testing or your machine will always want to go to that IP address whenever you want to go to that site.

After you're satisfied that your site looks ok and functions ok, you can go to your registrar (the company where your domain name is registered) and modifyrepparttar 134410 nameservers associated with your domain name to your new web host's nameservers. If you don't know your new host's nameservers, ask them. Most hosts have that information listed somewhere on their website or inrepparttar 134411 email you first get after signing up for an account.

Oncerepparttar 134412 dns modification is completed it'll be 24-48 hours before you'll see your site onrepparttar 134413 new server.

Most whois utilities will displayrepparttar 134414 nameservers ofrepparttar 134415 current host. A good one is at http://whois.sc. Check your domain name and see ifrepparttar 134416 nameservers you added are listed. If so, you have completedrepparttar 134417 website transfer to your new web host. Only after you've confirmed this is it ok to cancel your old web hosting account.

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Russ Mate is President of MateMedia, Inc.

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MateMedia offers the following services:

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