What is the difference between "Store Brand" and "Professional" Cosmetics?

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

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You just finished applying your make-up and you are about to put on your mascara. You open it and find out it has dried up again. Many ofrepparttar companies that are producing "waterproof mascara" are still trying to figure out a way to keep their mascara waterproof without flaking and dryingrepparttar 102002 eyelash. This is a pretty hard task for chemists with 10 years of college to figure out. Our mascara leaves your lashes thick and soft. There are no staining agents to cause our mascara to flake or dry your lashes. Those same staining agents are what causerepparttar 102003 water-proof mascaras to dry out so fast. Even though they are charging less for their mascaras,repparttar 102004 store brand manufacturers know that you will never be able to userepparttar 102005 entire tube.

I have savedrepparttar 102006 best for last, concealer. When you browse our website you will notice we do not sell anything named concealer. The reason for this is it is not needed. Our Beige Eye-lite is a highlighter. This is used to lighten dark areas ofrepparttar 102007 face like dark circles underrepparttar 102008 eyes, frown lines and other wrinkles or blemishes. The benefit to using our Beige Eye-lite is that it is creamy to blend seamlessly withrepparttar 102009 rest of your make-up, and you will still getrepparttar 102010 coverage you are looking for. The problem with a lot ofrepparttar 102011 concealer is they are formulated like lip balm, so no matter how much you blend you can still see them.

I am not here to tell you what you are using is wrong. If you have been with us at Make-up by Armando since we started our website in December of 1999 you know our philosophy is to help our visitors getrepparttar 102012 tools and informationrepparttar 102013 professionals use. I am merely showing you what you are buying for $2.50. We sell and promote our cosmetics because we know how well they can help everyone. We have had our own line of cosmetics sincerepparttar 102014 early 70's. Just look atrepparttar 102015 facts and decide for yourself if it is really worth buying "store brand cosmetics."

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Armando's son, Adem, received his cosmetology license in 1994 and began managing Armando's Salon. Adem brings a strong sense of family values to his father's business. He now manages Make-up by Armando as well as contributing to the site's Beauty Advice, answering make-up and skin care questions and writing the monthly newsletter, pulling from his experience to offer his skills and knowledge to the Internet audience.

Ask Right and You May Receive

Written by Rinatta Paries

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6. Makerepparttar impact known. How would a "yes" or a "no" impact you? Doesrepparttar 102001 person you are asking knowrepparttar 102002 impact of a "yes" or a "no?" Small things can and do have a profound impact. So get clear onrepparttar 102003 impact a "yes" or a "no" will have on you. Share this information withrepparttar 102004 person you are asking.

7. Honor his or her requests. You're notrepparttar 102005 only one who wants to get what you want. Others want to hear "yes" and have their needs met, too. If you consistently give others what they want, you will get what you want more often. The key is to give and do what someone requests...not what you *think* they want. A word of caution here - do not over give torepparttar 102006 point of being unappreciated.

8. Don't ever nag. Nagging is a way of makingrepparttar 102007 same request over and over in order to wearrepparttar 102008 person down and force what you want. Nagging might sometimes get you want inrepparttar 102009 short term. But it always backfires because it creates intense anger in bothrepparttar 102010 one being nagged andrepparttar 102011 one doingrepparttar 102012 nagging. If you need to repeat a request more than once, do so inrepparttar 102013 spirit ofrepparttar 102014 ideas above.

9. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. When you get what you want, make a big deal out of it. The giver just made you feel good, so returnrepparttar 102015 favor. The more you appreciate,repparttar 102016 morerepparttar 102017 other person will want to give to you and do for you. In fact, even if you do not feel appreciative, act appreciative. After a while, you will begin to feel appreciative.

10. Cure the, "I shouldn't have to ask you to do this" syndrome. Ok, how much do you resent asking someone to do something they should have known to do inrepparttar 102018 first place? Don't you get angry at having to ask at all? In such cases, remember he or she is not you, but a different person, with different standards and priories. What may be obvious or natural to you may be very hard or may not even occur to another person. You do have to ask to get what you want. Just do it right.

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