What is the Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

Written by Michael G. Rayel, MD

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If these measures don’t help andrepparttar depression is so severe, an antidepressant withrepparttar 126103 least risk to induce mania such as bupropion should be added torepparttar 126104 mood stabilizer. Whenrepparttar 126105 depression is resolved, thenrepparttar 126106 antidepressant can be gradually tapered off because its prolonged use even inrepparttar 126107 presence of mood stabilizer can still induce mania.

When shouldrepparttar 126108 medication be discontinued? Bipolar patients have to continue takingrepparttar 126109 medication for several months even after they become normal. High relapse rate is common if medications are prematurely stopped. Also, for patients with multiple or difficult-to-treat episodes, they may need to takerepparttar 126110 medication for years or even for life to prevent recurrence.

Patients and their physicians should thoroughly discussrepparttar 126111 risk and benefits of any treatment intervention. Knowledge aboutrepparttar 126112 drug’s indication, side effects, and prognosis with or without treatment is a must.

Furthermore, it is crucial that bipolar patients should also receive individual psychotherapy to help them deal withrepparttar 126113 many personal and psychosocial issues they face on a daily basis. As you know, medication alone won’t suffice to address financial problems, marital conflict, work issues, and prior abuse.

In summary,repparttar 126114 combination of medication and psychotherapy isrepparttar 126115 best treatment for bipolar disorder.

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Can You Hypnotize in Print?

Written by Dorian Greer

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Can You Hypnotize in Print?

A long time ago I signed up for a newsletter and gotrepparttar shock of my life. I was delivered a form of wide awake hypnosis called "pattern interruption". And it was all performed in print.

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Fromrepparttar 126102 uneventful press of a "click here" forrepparttar 126103 newsletter, torepparttar 126104 annoyance of having to "get up and getrepparttar 126105 credit card" (not forrepparttar 126106 newsletter mind you but for a product being offered byrepparttar 126107 newsletter publisher), I was virtually on automatic pilot!

Can you really realizerepparttar 126108 importance of this? I was wide awake! And...

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