What is better than writing articles for Website promotion ?

Written by Ashish Thakkar

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All you gotto do is that You have to find article written by these people , extract information and gain knowledge/expertise from it and make a practical application ofrepparttar knowledge gained.That is it.Some ofrepparttar 150225 best writers for internet promotion and marketing include :
  1. Willie Crawford
  2. Cathy Stucker
  3. Dr Mani
  4. Bryan Kumar
  5. Marion Stearns
Make a habit of reading daily.This will help you in gaining knowledge in your field. Make a note of who your favorite writers are.Find out if these people run a blog and add them using a blog reader if you can.Also note that many Article sites like goarticles.com and ezinearticles.com provide Rss link to syndicate articles.You can add them to a newsreader application or to your site using a rss reader.

Quote :

  • Reading is torepparttar 150226 mind what exercise is torepparttar 150227 body.Of allrepparttar 150228 diversions of life, there is none so proper to fill up its empty spaces asrepparttar 150229 reading of useful and entertaining authors.
    ~ Joseph Addison ~
  • Let us read with method, and propose to ourselves an end to which our studies may point.The use of reading is to aid us in thinking.
    ~ Edward Gibbon ~

You can check outrepparttar 150230 below sites and tools to findrepparttar 150231 best articles : Site : Ideamarketers.com
Site : Ezinearticles.com
Site : Findarticles.com
Site : Articlecity.com
Tool : http://www.jvwinc.com/article-extractor.html (Tool to find article)

Until next time, Enjoy reading.

Ashish Thakkar is an Internet marketing consultant and an SEO Specialist.He provides training and guidance on Website promotion and email marketing to individuals and top executives.Most of his Web marketing and promotion softwares are available at http://www.jvwinc.com/internet.html .You can email Ashish at ashish#jvw.in (Var # means @)

Is Your Site in the Google Sandbox

Written by Jeannette Balleza

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If a new web site has strong, relevant content, abundant incoming links, favorable search results for secondary keyword phrases and yet does not appear forrepparttar most important searches, then it has probably been earmarked to do its obligatory Sandbox time. Time inrepparttar 149880 Sandbox can range from one to six months, butrepparttar 149881 average duration is three to four months.

A site's duration inrepparttar 149882 Sandbox is directly proportionate torepparttar 149883 competitiveness ofrepparttar 149884 keywords and key phrases it targets. The more competitiverepparttar 149885 site's search terms,repparttar 149886 longerrepparttar 149887 site stays buried inrepparttar 149888 Sandbox.

While time isrepparttar 149889 only real solution to getting out ofrepparttar 149890 Sandbox, Hurlbert offers some helpful tips for makingrepparttar 149891 best out ofrepparttar 149892 unavoidable:

1. Register a domain, set up hosting and publish a web site prior to official launch time to startrepparttar 149893 clock ticking onrepparttar 149894 Sandbox duration period 2. Continue to add as many incoming links as possible 3. Keep building relevant content to your site 4. Consider buying an already existing domain

Hurlbert claims that proper time management can help a site avoidrepparttar 149895 Sandbox altogether. Even if you're not ready to build a web site just yet, procure a domain name and put up a splash page atrepparttar 149896 very least.

Contact staff@vulcancreative.com to get started today and avoidrepparttar 149897 Sandbox. Your widget sales just might skyrocket.

Read Hurlbert's entire blog entry onrepparttar 149898 Sandbox here: http://blogbusinessworld.blogspot.com/2005/04/google-sandbox-theory-validated-by.html. Send your comments or questions to jeannette@vulcancreative.com.

Jeannette Balleza is Co-Owner of Vulcan Creative, a creative agency specializing in identity with integrity. Vulcan Creative consults with clients on communication strategy and concept development and refinement for graphic design and web site development projects. Go to http://www.vulcancreative.com for more information and to request a free initial consultation.

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