What is an Acceptable Response

Written by S. Housley

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As many small main street businesses are offering a more personalized service, email can be more personalized than large corporations are able to provide. Since customers have become accustomed to looking onrepparttar Internet to either make or research purchases email is an easy way to communicate. Besides an easy way to get an answer, some customers want reassurance there is a human behindrepparttar 124433 web page, and not just some wizard speaking out of a microphone.

Service and forum queries are typically handled by online businesses within 24 hours; rarely do weekends or holidays alter response rates. Customer demands andrepparttar 124434 'need' for instant answers have drivenrepparttar 124435 standard. If you do not respond in a timely fashion a competitor will.

Customers are used to surfingrepparttar 124436 web and emailing. They want instant information whether it is 4pm or 4am. They want an immediate response. Many companies provide 24-hour customer service.

While some people expect responses immediately, others will think business is slow if you respond right away. This is difficult to gauge, ifrepparttar 124437 answer is simple respond as soon as possible. If research is required then at least email a response that you are looking into and will get back to them.

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Targeting Your Customer’s Preferred Media to Lure Them Online

Written by John Calder

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My guess is that they are very likely to do so, if they are aware thatrepparttar product is available.

So, we dig deeper intorepparttar 124432 reader demographics and find that 73% attend classes related to their art. Their thirst for knowledge is high. This is a good thing. At this very moment, these customers are seeking outrepparttar 124433 type of information you could provide, but they are consuming it via offline classes and via magazines like Expressions.

If you can find it, you really should pick up a copy of this magazine. Flip through torepparttar 124434 back ofrepparttar 124435 publication and you will find a plethora of advertisements for mail order art suppliers and book vendors, with a sprinkling of related web sites. Do you seerepparttar 124436 potential here yet?

This is an ideal offline advertising opportunity. One ad inrepparttar 124437 back of a publication like this inserts you directly into that previously “hidden” communications network. This is your pipeline to a market of busy, creative folk. They may not takerepparttar 124438 time to runrepparttar 124439 kinds of non-traditional searches that would lead to your product online, but I can guarantee you that their natural curiosity will lead them to your web site if they see it advertised inrepparttar 124440 back of this kind of magazine.

You see,repparttar 124441 wonderful thing is that you can capture them in art mode. You capture them in an open frame of mind as they actively pursue their passion. You also get added credibility just by being savvy enough to advertise in their favorite magazine. It’s an exclusive neighborhood, you know.

Lastly, you’ve also set your site up for a truly hands-off, viral traffic machine. Once your ad receives repeated exposure torepparttar 124442 65,000+ readership base of a magazine like Expressions, you can bet your visitors will bookmark your site, pass it along to friends and bring it up with their peers during offline art classes.

And lucky you! You’ve just bypassed 6 months of SEO work and saved at least a couple hundred bucks on pay per click advertising. It’s a beautiful thing, indeed.

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