What is a Tier in Affiliate Marketing?

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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The Problem The confusion arises when affiliate programs emphasize that they run a 2-tier compensation plan in their affiliate recruiting efforts. In most cases, this refers torepparttar downline levels definition, and participants can expect to receive compensation based onrepparttar 102362 performance of affiliates they introduce torepparttar 102363 program.

Occasionally, a program makes this claim when referring to sales volume tiers. This isn't inaccurate, but it is misleading. The managers of these programs are almost never intentionally trying to mislead. More often, they have thoughtfully crafted a compensation plan that rewards affiliates who perform well, and they want to announce that feature to all potential affiliates.

Who's Right? You could make an argument for either definition of tier. If you're trying to communicate with other people inrepparttar 102364 affiliate industry, though, you need to give strong consideration to which meaning is generally accepted by most people. That isrepparttar 102365 downline levels definition.

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Can you succeed marketing an affiliate based program?

Written by Ian Bosworth

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Ifrepparttar product is unique in some way, affordable torepparttar 102361 masses, useable and needed and you can get in onrepparttar 102362 ground floor then you could be onto a winner. In my experience, it’srepparttar 102363 product which brings inrepparttar 102364 serious marketer notrepparttar 102365 affiliate program. Think back torepparttar 102366 early days of mobile phones, when they use to be very bulky and expensive and people were saying “They’ll never catch on” However,repparttar 102367 marketer with vision sawrepparttar 102368 mass potential and stuck in. Oh how I wish I’d been in this game then because now I wouldn’t be here typing this article, I’d be on a beach somewhere and my secretary would be typing this article. There are other types of product based affiliate programs out there which will also give you a chance for success, but finding it is like crawling through a minefield. Don’t simply sign up because it’s free membership orrepparttar 102369 site looks professional, read allrepparttar 102370 pages and understandrepparttar 102371 ethics ofrepparttar 102372 owner. Considerrepparttar 102373 product(s) on offer and think about your target audience. The product(s) should be affordable, useable, sellable, exciting and hopefully unique in its market. The affiliate program should be affordable and sustainable. Look atrepparttar 102374 Compensation plan and consider how feasible it will be for you and your potential team, to reachrepparttar 102375 profit line. Some plans may look impressive but sometimes they dazzle you with big Dollars. Look atrepparttar 102376 amount of paid sign-ups required together withrepparttar 102377 percentages paid and compare this torepparttar 102378 cost ofrepparttar 102379 program andrepparttar 102380 cost of advertising needed to reach those required sign-ups. Work out how long it will take you to break even, for instance, ifrepparttar 102381 cost ofrepparttar 102382 program is $20 a month and you spend $20 a month on advertising you may get 1 or 2 sign-ups a month. Ifrepparttar 102383 comp plan pays you $5 a sign-up you’ll need 8 sign-ups to break even but it may take you 4 to 8 months to get to that point. So it could cost you between $160 and $320 to get there.

Do your sums or you may never really break even?

You should look atrepparttar 102384 make-up ofrepparttar 102385 down line and how it fits in withrepparttar 102386 matrix/comp plan. Some down lines have legs, in that you build so far down and thenrepparttar 102387 line splits off and begins again. This usually happens when you reach another level inrepparttar 102388 comp plan, butrepparttar 102389 resulting effect can make it hard to progress torepparttar 102390 next level. Some have a straight down line so everyone who joins will be in your line. This can be misleading in that you believe that it’s your sign-up and you’ve earned money. However, it does allow you to assessrepparttar 102391 popularity ofrepparttar 102392 program and help you decide if you should continue.

Now Image you’ve come across an affiliate site (Not hard to do with today’s Internet) Ask yourselfrepparttar 102393 following questions:-

Doesrepparttar 102394 site look impressive? Does it make you want to read on? Does it have a product that excites you? Could you userepparttar 102395 product? Could you sellrepparttar 102396 product? Would you buyrepparttar 102397 product? Isrepparttar 102398 product affordable? Do I getrepparttar 102399 product as part ofrepparttar 102400 affiliate program? Can I affordrepparttar 102401 monthly payment? Do they have a worthwhile Compensation Plan? Do they have a matrix or a straight down line? How quickly will I break even? Can I make a profit?


Find today’s ‘Mobile Phone’ with an affordable affiliate program, offering you a good compensation plan, workable matrix and responsive down line andrepparttar 102402 answer is undoubtedly


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