What is a Fuse ? And how to test it.

Written by Jestine Yong

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Is some cases a fuse will open up fast enough when there is a surge so that other components aren’t damaged. If this isrepparttar case, replacingrepparttar 138978 fuse with one ofrepparttar 138979 same type and rating restores operation. Unfortunately, a high probability exists that if a fuse blew, something inrepparttar 138980 circuit it was protecting shorted out. In this case, a replacement fuse blows right away. The blown fuse can easily be replaced by a new one, afterrepparttar 138981 overload has been eliminated when come into replacement. Use onlyrepparttar 138982 same current and voltage ratings asrepparttar 138983 original. The common type and current rating of a fuse in a monitor are slow blow 2A to 5A. When you buy replacement fuses, get several – you can easily use all of them while you’re troubleshooting an elusive problem.

Testing Fuses

Turnrepparttar 138984 power off and removerepparttar 138985 fuse fromrepparttar 138986 circuit to check with a multimeter set torepparttar 138987 lowest ohms range. Connectrepparttar 138988 probes to both end ofrepparttar 138989 fuse. You may checkrepparttar 138990 fuse while it still in circuit. A good fuse should showed continuity or read 0 ohm. A blown fuse is open which reads infinity onrepparttar 138991 meter.

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What is a crystal ? And how to test it.

Written by Jestine Yong

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(b) Frequency Counter Frequency Counter can be use to checkrepparttar frequency ofrepparttar 138977 crystal. The reading must be taken whenrepparttar 138978 equipment power is switch “on”. Placerepparttar 138979 probe of frequency counter torepparttar 138980 crystal pin and readrepparttar 138981 measurement. Be sure that your frequency counter meter hasrepparttar 138982 range that is higher thanrepparttar 138983 crystal frequency you are measuring.

(c) Crystal Checker With this method, usuallyrepparttar 138984 crystal is placed inrepparttar 138985 feedback network of a transistor oscillator. If it oscillates andrepparttar 138986 LED is lighten up, this mean thatrepparttar 138987 crystal is working. Ifrepparttar 138988 crystal doesn’t work,repparttar 138989 LED stays off. Instead of using LED, some other crystal checker uses a panel meter to indicate ifrepparttar 138990 crystal is working or not.

Jestine Yong is a electronic repairer and a writer. For more repair infromation, please visit http://www.noahtec.com

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