What is a Family?

Written by Theresa Chaze

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The nineties andrepparttar turn ofrepparttar 135454 century foundrepparttar 135455 definition of family including many whom had been excluded. Marriage no longer definesrepparttar 135456 concept of family. Loving couples no longer have to makerepparttar 135457 relationship legal to live together and have children. In addition, medical advances have given more options about parenthood. More accurate birth control, abortion, andrepparttar 135458 “morning after pill” have given women control over their reproduction. In addition, it has become socially acceptable for couples to remain childfree. Advances in fertility treatments give women more options of motherhood. Women can be implanted with sperm, either from a loved one or from a donor, to create children they couldn‘t have had naturally. Men have also gainedrepparttar 135459 legal option of hiring a surrogate mother to produce a child for them. Adoption laws were changed to include qualified single men and women. Single parent homes, including those created by divorce, have becomerepparttar 135460 norm. Day care has become a growing industry to accommodaterepparttar 135461 new demand for childcare from working couples and single parent homes. No longer isrepparttar 135462 wife expected to give up her career opportunities for motherhood. Care ofrepparttar 135463 children has become a joint responsibility ofrepparttar 135464 parents as is providing forrepparttar 135465 family. Fathers are no longer just a provider and disciplinarian, but an active participant in their child’s life. Economically more opportunities opened torepparttar 135466 individual as cottage industries and small business have begun to grow. Where oncerepparttar 135467 large companies controlledrepparttar 135468 economic growth ofrepparttar 135469 country, now small, more specialized businesses compete for a larger ofrepparttar 135470 economic pie. More individuals chose to be independent both financially and socially. By doing so, they no longer have to conform torepparttar 135471 cookie cutter mentality ofrepparttar 135472 big business. Being able to work off their personal strengths and talents, they have been able to utilize assets that continue to eluderepparttar 135473 inflexibility of big corporations. The continuing advancements in computers and communications have expandedrepparttar 135474 individual horizons beyondrepparttar 135475 clan mentality. No longer are individuals limited to their birth culture, country, or social status. The internet has opened a world of new experiences and ideas. Againrepparttar 135476 old status quo has been challenged and has fallen byrepparttar 135477 way side. In spite ofrepparttar 135478 fears and prejudicesrepparttar 135479 more “traditional” groups promote, today’s society has and will continue to become more accepting of differences within individuals; in doing so,repparttar 135480 country has gained more than it has lost. It is this diversity and ability to grow though change, which has kept this country strong. As women’s role in society has become more open and flexible, so hasrepparttar 135481 men’s role as well. Jobs that were considered to be “women’s” are now being filled by men. Just as women have found their place in traditionally men’s jobs. The individual’s talents and desires determine which path to take, giving not only more personal satisfaction but a more positive out look on life. The old saying, “do what you love andrepparttar 135482 money will follow” has become a reality for those who are willing to dorepparttar 135483 work and takerepparttar 135484 chances. Although jobs in manufacturing have been onrepparttar 135485 decline, jobs in medical and scientific research have been making great strides. No longer can a high school diploma guarantee a good job. The educational bar has again been raised torepparttar 135486 college or technical school level. Today a high school diploma isrepparttar 135487 equivalent of Jethro of Beverly Hillbillies bragging he graduated fromrepparttar 135488 sixth grade. Only by being open new industries, staying strong educationally, using our resources wisely, and playing torepparttar 135489 diverse talents of our people can this country remain a leader economically. As inrepparttar 135490 financial arena,repparttar 135491 definition of family and marriage has changed. No longer isrepparttar 135492 family limited. Withrepparttar 135493 controversy over same sex marriage,repparttar 135494 concept has been expanded to include all those who love each other and wish to make long term commitments. For decades, definition of marriage has been moving away from having children and having someone to grow old with to relationships built on mutual respect and love. The old concept of “death do ye part” only applies ifrepparttar 135495 relationship remains strong and healthy. Ifrepparttar 135496 relationship dies,repparttar 135497 marriage ends. No longer do people stay with partners who do not satisfy or bring out their best and highest good. Separation and divorce no longer haverepparttar 135498 old stigma attached. Nor dorepparttar 135499 old standards apply. Custody of children is shared or given torepparttar 135500 person who would berepparttar 135501 best parent whether it berepparttar 135502 mother or father. Spousal and child support has an equal chance to be paid byrepparttar 135503 wife as byrepparttar 135504 husband as economic standards have become more balanced. Althoughrepparttar 135505 ending of a marriage can be stressful onrepparttar 135506 children involved, it is not as detrimental as staying in a family situation whererepparttar 135507 parents do not get along and where respect is a foreign concept. It is better to separate and remain supportive torepparttar 135508 children, than to stay together and do more harm than good. Children are savvier and more technologically aware than in any previous generation. Growing up with access to computers and other electronic gadgets in their daily lives, they walk intorepparttar 135509 school system with a broader understanding of what is possible and with a deeper understanding thatrepparttar 135510 whole world is connected. Having access to diverse cultures, lifestyles and religions, giverepparttar 135511 modern child new perspectives and challenges what they are taught by their parents. The age-old child question of “why” is not only being asked but answers are also being demanded. They aren’t afraid torepparttar 135512 askrepparttar 135513 hard questions or to challenge authority figures. Respect and honor have to be earned not just given because of age. Parents who bank onrepparttar 135514 traditional family hierarchy are more likely to find their accounts with their children in a negative balance. Children have officially become people, deserving of respect. But as much asrepparttar 135515 advancements have separated family members, it has also brought them back together. The Internet and new communication devices have brought families, who had been separated by physical distance, into direct communication. Where as inrepparttar 135516 seventies and eighties,repparttar 135517 extended family disbursed, they are now coming back together viarepparttar 135518 new toys. People of all ages are looking forrepparttar 135519 lost pieces of themselves by research family histories and communicating with older members of their family. So here we stand a more open inclusive society. The more conservative members of this country would like to go back in time. They are so afraid of losing--but losing what? What do they lose? What does same sex marriage take away from them? How does including all of our population diminish them? If pre World War II, German hadn’t excluded Jews, they would have developedrepparttar 135520 nuclear bomb first. How different would our lives be ifrepparttar 135521 balance of power and knowledge had shifted away from us?

Theresa Chaze's first novel, Dragon's New Homeis a fantasy novel, which is based on her philosophy that all people can live together in peace as long as they come from respect. She invites to to visit her site at www.geocities.com/tirgana/Tirgana.html

staffordshire bull terriers

Written by Donal Keenan

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The Staffordshire bull terrier is very affectionate, courageous and obedient. They are very friendly to all types of people. It knows to love everyone and is loved by everyone. A bull terrier in a family makesrepparttar family happy and adorable. The dog is extremely intelligent and stubborn but needs a persistent and continual process of training. Their potentiality allures them to jump off a deck, challenge others and walk through broken glass. The Staffordshire bull terriers are an adorable variety; therefore, loves both work and play.

There are certain physical features that prove disadvantageous forrepparttar 135331 dog. Ifrepparttar 135332 dog has pink nose, light eyes or pink eye rims then its notrepparttar 135333 perfect one of its species. Moreover, it should not also have a too long or badly curled tail. It is also rejected as a good species if it lacks agility coupled with activeness.

The origin ofrepparttar 135334 Staffordshire bull terrier is from regions of Staffordshire. It first involved for its interest in bull baiting but graduallyrepparttar 135335 breed’s popularity suffered a setback forrepparttar 135336 waning ofrepparttar 135337 sport. Now it is again regaining its immense popularity as a successful pet and a potential dog.

Resource box: Donal Keenan runsrepparttar 135338 Staffordshire Bull Terrier site : http://www.staffybullterriers.com/ You can also find more information onrepparttar 135339 Staffy Bull breed from his online forum and Blog: http://www.staffybullterriers.com/forum http://www.staffybullterriers.com/blog


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