What is Shadow Box Framing?

Written by by Jim Fishwick, Manager, Matshop.com and Matshop.ca

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Attaching objects within a Shadow box How to attachrepparttar object torepparttar 139157 box deserves careful consideration. Ifrepparttar 139158 object has little value in itself, and will probably never be removed,repparttar 139159 job is easier. Paper and other flat objects can use many glues. Heavier objects can use epoxy. Bathtub caulking compounds are great in that you can build up a fraction of an inch of compound to create a large gluing area. A long drying period is necessary butrepparttar 139160 result is excellent.

Sewing objects torepparttar 139161 backing is excellent for any type of clothing. Baseballs can be sewed fromrepparttar 139162 stitching throughrepparttar 139163 backing board. Sewing allowsrepparttar 139164 object to be removed later without damage. Velcro can be attached to softer articles and attached torepparttar 139165 backing. Little if any damage is done torepparttar 139166 article when removed. Glues that can be dissolved with chemicals can be used, but be very careful with this one.

Some imagination can work wonders. Foamcore can be cut out torepparttar 139167 shape ofrepparttar 139168 object, andrepparttar 139169 object imbedded to stop it from moving. This is time consuming and tricky, butrepparttar 139170 object remains in a pristine condition.

There are literally hundreds of ways to attach objects, and many books and articles written about them. Art Supply stores, Craft retailers and libraries are be a good source of information.

Foamcore is an excellent product as an aid to attach objects. The back of plates have a rim which makes them difficult to glue. A 3 x 3" piece of formcore can be attached torepparttar 139171 back ofrepparttar 139172 plate with caulking compound and then caulked torepparttar 139173 back ofrepparttar 139174 box in order to give a larger gluing area. You can also add torepparttar 139175 "3D" effect ofrepparttar 139176 display by using several layers of foamcore.

Summary Shadow box frames can take those treasured articles out of a drawer or box and put them on a wall to be admired every day. Customized frames, both in size and depth, can be made to frame anything from a baby's soother to a full size baseball bat, complete withrepparttar 139177 uniform. For small businesses, customized displays can be very reasonably priced when purchased in bulk, and high markups are attainable. Craft stores giving classes can make make a very high quality and fun project at a reasonable cost. Please click on some ofrepparttar 139178 examples shown to give a larger view ofrepparttar 139179 frame, and a full explanation of howrepparttar 139180 display was constructed.

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You are a Diamond So Scrapbook About Yourself

Written by Fion Lim

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Do consider leaving those alluring computer fonts aside for a while, and write in your own handwriting. It may not be perfect but it's much more personal. Your handwriting is undeniably a part of you.

4) Passing on Your Beliefs and Values

Worried that your values and beliefs will be lost forever to your future generations? Scrapbooking about them is a great way to ensue that they'll get passed on from one generation torepparttar next. "Great-grandma Emily is a strong believer of filial piety. It's her strongest trait..."

Your scrapbook albums will likely become treasured family keepsakes, where your words will echo and impact on your future generations’ lives.

5) Pulling You Out from a Crossroad

There's probably times in your life when you feel uncertain and lost about yourself. It's like your identity has gone missing. I've been at such a crossroad before too.

At such disheartening moments, try scrapbooking on themes like "What Makes Me So Unique", "The Many Hats That I wear" and "Top 10 Things that I'm Most Proud". These themes will once again call attention to your own uniqueness. Such meaningful pages will reinforcerepparttar 138744 value in you as an individual.

If you're daring enough, try "10 Things I Like About You". This is where you'll have to get a couple of your closest kin and friends to each make a list of things they like about you. You'll have to cast away your shyness and get those lists fromrepparttar 138745 people you care about.

Because someday when you feel like you're inrepparttar 138746 dumps, pull out these precious little lists, read over them and call to your mind that you are wanted and loved by others.

So instead of dwelling on your failures and imperfections, these powerful lists will push you forward and make you look atrepparttar 138747 positive traits of yourself.

6) Pump You Up with Pride

When you're done with some scrapbooks on yourself, flip through them occasionally.

You'll find yourself looking at you with a renewed sense of respect and pride. Be it as a mother, nurturer, wife, partner, daughter, sister, colleague or dreamer, your scrapbook albums will showcase you in different roles. It'll tell others that you aren't merely just a mom.

The pages will remind you that you have meaningful contributions to make in various roles.

Are you beginning to seerepparttar 138748 therapeutic wonders of scrapbooking about yourself? Doesn't it reaffirmrepparttar 138749 goodness within you and unleashrepparttar 138750 power of you being a diamond?

Aren'trepparttar 138751 above reasons compelling enough to cajole you into scrapbooking about yourself?

Each delayed moment is a moment lost forever. So take positive steps now to uncoverrepparttar 138752 diamond in you to share with others.

Happy scrapping about yourself!

Fion Lim is the creator of Everything-About-Scrapbooking.com - Here's your how-to-guide to learning about scrapbooking. Find free online scrapbooking ideas, tips, inspirations, articles and resources to quotes, poems and fonts right here.


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