What is Road Hazard Warranty? Do You Really Need It?

Written by Gene Grant

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Here is an example. Let's say your tire is 1/2 way worn atrepparttar time ofrepparttar 102790 flat. With tires averaging $100 each, your replacement cost would only be $50.00. Much better than full price, yes? Definitely - great value.

Typically, Road Hazard warranties will cover things like nails, glass, metal, stones etc. and almost anything else that could puncture or damage a tire. Some Road Hazrd packages provide a nationwide coverage, which are great for people who are traveling, or vacationing, because you now have peace of mind knowing that you are protected while away from your local area.

In addition, many Road Hazard warranties offer other benefits like free rotations and free balancing (check where you purchase your tires for allrepparttar 102791 details). Regular maintenance isrepparttar 102792 best way to extendrepparttar 102793 life of your tire and get as many miles as possible for your investment.

Next time you are ready to purchase tires, ask your tire dealer forrepparttar 102794 road hazard warranty. You'll be glad you did.


Gene Grant is retired fromrepparttar 102795 automotive industry after 25 years and has createdrepparttar 102796 resource http://www.acarmart.com


Gene Grant is retired from the automotive industry after 25 years and has created the resource http://www.acarmart.com

Two and Four Stroke Engines: Fast and Simple Answers

Written by Daniel Levy

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Cycle - Four Strokes:

1.- Intake 2.- Compression 3.- Combustion 4.- Exhaust

Take a look atrepparttar cycle in: http://science.howstuffworks.com/engine4.htm

Advantages of four stroke engines:

Last longer than two stroke engines More efficient use of gas Pollute less than two stroke engines


More complicated. Many more parts to worry about. Half as powerful as two stroke engines (for equivalent engines) Fires once every two revolutions.

If you want to learn more about two stroke and four stroke engines, take a look atrepparttar 102789 pages I mention above. You will find extensive information and diagrams that will solve all of your doubts.

Well I hope this gave you some basic information and helped you answer some FAQ about two and four stroke engines! :-)

Enjoyrepparttar 102790 ride!

Daniel Levy

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