What is RFID and how will it help me?

Written by Vince OHare

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This has many benefits as there can no longer be items that "fall offrepparttar truck" as they say which will help keep cost down. It also keeps less employees onrepparttar 133344 payroll which is a bad thing since items will be within a few clicks ofrepparttar 133345 mouse to their location.

You may even have heard about people having their medical history placed on a RFID chip and having that chip inbedded in their arm so they will always have their medical history. That is some advanced stuff asrepparttar 133346 hospital will need a RFID reader to fetchrepparttar 133347 records.

The is also talk of RFID being used in cell phones. If your boss gives you a new cell phone be weary of it because he might have done it to track you.

You have seenrepparttar 133348 commercials for ONSTAR where they dispatch help to your car in an emergency. How do they know where you are hmmmm. Like I said there are many things that RFID can and will be used for.

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....The Future Of Telecommunications May Look Very Different....

Written by Michael Lemm

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Second....the old business model was that whatever companies came up with consumers would accept. The companies drove what was available & came to market.

No more...now consumers are dictating to companies "we want this now come up with it".

That's a drastic change in thinking that companies must now deal with. Those that do will be better positioned to capture what markets are created by consumer demand...vicerepparttar old approach of markets being created by what companies developed and released. Andrepparttar 133343 foundation of this new consumer driven demand will likely be based on VoIP (and I believe wireless) technology.

That aside, I'd really like to see what you think of this shift in product development and market control to consumer "vision" vice company "idea" driven....fueled byrepparttar 133344 possibilities surrounding VoIP and wireless. We've seen....or soon will....a host of Gee Whiz break throughs & possibilities focused heavily on multi-media & data (both residential & business). What do you thinkrepparttar 133345 future holds?

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