What is Organic Farming?

Written by Jeremy Pickles

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Organic farming has come about as a consumer reaction againstrepparttar chemical based methods that have been used so widely in 20th century food production. Really though it is simply a formalised definition of traditional agriculture as it has been practiced for thousands of years before 20th century chemicals were invented.

So far, organic farming has been limited to small businesses growing for local markets. Organic farming methods are very expensive compared to their chemical counterparts, andrepparttar 145677 production yields are low when compared to 'conventional' farming.

Consumers of course are willing to pay a premium forrepparttar 145678 improved flavour and nutrition value of organic produce but it remains a premium market. This will change as more large scale organic producers enter production.

Most countries now have 'all organic' type food stores inrepparttar 145679 larger cities. So long as there are people who enjoy healthy living and an alternative torepparttar 145680 chemical ridden norm, these businesses will continue to flourish.

Jeremy is the owner of http://www.ge-free.com/ and publisher of Organic Food News.

Courtyard Gardens – Planning Tips

Written by Malcolm Kay

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Light colours inrepparttar paving and onrepparttar 145316 courtyard walls will also create an impression of space, so lighter colored tiles would generally be preferable in small spaces.

In confined spaces, more space should be devoted to sitting & walking areas than to plants which should be placed in wide, raided beds. Deck tiles could be used as “stepping stones” along a pathway interspersed with gravel or stones and bordered by plantings. Don’t overdorepparttar 145317 garden art. One sculpture or water feature is more than enough.

Clan simple lines are generally better in small situations rather than a “busy” appearance and a formal look is usually more suitable than an informal look. Several large pots or planter boxes will look less cluttered than numerous small ones.

Avoid using flowers with strong red, yellow or orange colours as they tend to “advance” towards you. Blues, purples and grays are preferable because they are not dominating. And make sure plants are selected for all round appeal and not just for a brief burst of colour for a few weeks, but dull forrepparttar 145318 rest ofrepparttar 145319 year.

With a bit of planning, evenrepparttar 145320 smallest of areas can be made to look larger than you may think.

Malcolm Kay is the CEO of Intex Pacific Pty. Ltd. an exporter of landscape materials including modular decking tiles. For further information see www.ezydeck.net

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