What is Mystery Shopping and Can You Really Get Paid to Shop?

Written by Cathy Stucker

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The information obtained in mystery shopping reports allowsrepparttar business to monitorrepparttar 137328 performance of one location when compared to another, or howrepparttar 137329 performance ofrepparttar 137330 same location has improved over time.

Mystery shopping is also valuable forrepparttar 137331 sentinel effect. When employees know that they will be mystery shopped—but they don’t know when or by whom—they will give every customer excellent service. This is especially true whenrepparttar 137332 results of mystery shops are used in employee performance evaluations.

The Need for Mystery Shoppers Today's business environment is extremely competitive. Companies that fail to provide excellent service will not survive. Studies show that a satisfied customer will tell three other people about his experience. A dissatisfied customer will tell ten to twelve people. All too often, though,repparttar 137333 customer won’t tellrepparttar 137334 business owner or manager.

Not only do companies face loss of business from poor service,repparttar 137335 actions of their employees may cause them to be sued by customers or fined byrepparttar 137336 government. With so much at stake, mystery shoppers provide a valuable service by identifying potential problemsrepparttar 137337 business owner can correct before they result in a major liability.

Who Arerepparttar 137338 Mystery Shoppers? Because mystery shoppers look like typical customers (and are, in most ways, typical customers) almost anyone can become a mystery shopper. Shoppers may be any (adult) age, male or female. They may be employed, self-employed, unemployed, students, retired or full time homemakers.

What makes mystery shoppers different from other customers is that they want to help improve customer service and make some extra money while doing so, and they are specially prepared to evaluate businesses and report their findings.

Many shoppers get into this business because it is fun. They love to getrepparttar 137339 perks, such as "free" food and merchandise, and even make a little money while they're getting this free stuff! Although mystery shopping can be fun, it is a business and you will have important responsibilities as a mystery shopper.

If you are interested in working flexible, part time hours, and getting paid to shop, eat and more while providing an important service to businesses, mystery shopping may be for you.

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Online Resume Formats

Written by Michelle Roebuck

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Some people use a single web page to display their resume. You have your own personal website. You write your resume in HTML format, upload it into your own website and giverepparttar URL address to employers so they can visit your web page and read it. This takes care ofrepparttar 137307 problem of email viruses. Make sure this is acceptable torepparttar 137308 employer.


This type of resume is used by online employment sites and employers’ websites. You just fill inrepparttar 137309 blanks andrepparttar 137310 information is sent electronically into a database. There’s not much room for creativity as with your standard mailed-in resumes. The way to get your resume noticed is to use keywords.

Keywords are nouns that describe your skills and achievements. “Product development“, “project coordinator“, “Excel“, “Powerpoint“ are all keywords. They describe what your skills are and what duties you performed on your previous or current job.

This last online resume format isrepparttar 137311 one used most often by employers. The rule you should remember however, is if you don’t know which format to send your resume, go torepparttar 137312 employer’s website. If that doesn’t work, call them and ask.

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