What is Mystery Shopper?

Written by Joseph Then

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Many people have made Mystery Shopper a full time job, while others prefer part time. You decide on what assignments you want to take. Many mystery shoppers are earning between $10 and $40 per hour just for having fun. This is perfect for Stay at home moms, college students as well asrepparttar retired.

This opportunity is not limited to just women. Many men have been successful mystery shoppers.

Joseph operates an online resource providing mystery shoppers an avenue to locate more companies to hire them for mystery shopping tasks.

You can read more about the resource at: http://www.mysteryshopperresource.com, the place for Mystery Shopper Resource

Sell your items at cost and make a fortune on ebay!

Written by Mike Ralph

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There are a number of ways but by farrepparttar most successful that I use is by using a simple email!!! No harder than that this building a relationship idea…

Oncerepparttar 139944 customer has bought my ebay item I send a simple receipt via email thanking them for thier purchase and making them aware of my website and offering themrepparttar 139945 opportunity to join my mailing list so that I can contact them with furthur offers they may be interested in.

I make it very clear that I have no intention of flooding them with spam and give themrepparttar 139946 choice ofrepparttar 139947 number of times they will be contacted in a month. This has two effects, they gain trust in your professionalism as you are seen not to be just harvesting emails and it also makes them feel in control as they setrepparttar 139948 frequency of contact.

It does mean that I have to operate a number of mailing lists but this is a small price to pay to lock customers into my products.

The majority of my customers (approx. 90%) joinrepparttar 139949 ‘1-4 times a month’ list which is great as this means that I can contact them once a week with offers if I needed. This is a frequency that I feel is adequate to maintainrepparttar 139950 relationship between me and my customers as I am not seen to be spamming them but still seen to be offering products of interest to them.

It is also important to note that I do not always send out one mailing a week as it is dependent onrepparttar 139951 product you sell as to whetherrepparttar 139952 customer would want to purchase once a week. i believe greatly inrepparttar 139953 relationship that I have with my customers and can seerepparttar 139954 long term benefits of maintaining this and therefore I refuse to jepordise it for a quick profit.

A point to remember, if they choose not to takerepparttar 139955 opportunity to join your list then do not keep emailing them. this is SPAM and will do no more than tarnish your company, website and products image inrepparttar 139956 eye ofrepparttar 139957 buyer.

What I am saying is Think outside ofrepparttar 139958 ebay box, ebay offers a massive opportunity in terms of potential customers and long term profits as opposed to short term profits.

How much would it cost to getrepparttar 139959 number of page views, that ebay listings get, on your website using your own traffic generating methods, use ebay and use it good.

Mike - Webmaster and ebay Power Seller


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