What is My Life Purpose?

Written by Jo Ball

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Looking back now I can see there have been hints. In fact my whole life is littered with hints that can lead me closer to my truth.

But did I follow these hints?

Not on your life. I wanted lightening and boulders and I got day to day life and opportunities dressed up as things I’d never done before.

And then I heard someone say, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’

But when we stoprepparttar ‘doing’ of making money and objects and start to ‘be’ we can honestly see that God-given signs are unique to fairy-tales and Bible stories.

In real life we don’t get a bolt of lightening, we get an email, a phone call or a meeting with an old friend and somewhere within this communication, if we’re paying attention to being withrepparttar 145868 person withrepparttar 145869 message, we can find answers.

We also don’t get boulders dropping out ofrepparttar 145870 blue in real life, we have an accident, a fall, a bump onrepparttar 145871 head or bereavement. It’s called a wake up call!

If we are ‘being’ we understand that call and will somehow knowrepparttar 145872 answers to how and why will be repeated so that you can ‘get’ them.

Let me give you a hint now. Your life does have a purpose. To suggest anything else defiesrepparttar 145873 very nature of our existence.

You have been given unique gifts that you are not using. You need to find them and then understand what to do with them.

Good luck on your journey to happiness

Jo Ball x

Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

At Unstoppable Life, Jo Ball is developing the next generation of people finding the answers about their reason for being here. These people are discovering and defining their life purpose. Join Jo’s Fr>ee newsletter at Unstoppable Life now and go through the link on the home page to discover a mass of information others are now acting upon. www.unstoppablelife.com


Written by Regina Stevens

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One thing I learned is that you have to keep in constant contact with your contacts. You must ensure that you remain familiar to them and you will get positive feedback. You might even find yourself deciding to work for yourself withrepparttar arsenal of contacts you find.

I have written a 9-page e-doc called, "Social Networking: Various Ways to Find Job Contacts in Atlanta, Georgia". In this e-doc I have written about various ways to network without attending group networking meetings and I have given you a list of contacts to use and links to sites that will give you more information. Two things to keep in mind with this e-doc: 1) you must be willing to use my methods, and use them constantly and 2) keep a spreadsheet or database of your contacts so you can follow up with them. You must also remain positive that you will find a job. Be as positive as possible when contacting people. It is much easier to describe your qualifications when you are comfortable.

My methods do not guarantee you a job, but it sure does give you ideas. I am hoping thatrepparttar 145848 information contained inrepparttar 145849 e-doc will help you as much as it has and still is helping me. I would also like to hear your comments after you have tried outrepparttar 145850 various methods.

This article was written by Regina Stevens, owner of Information Technology Job Seekers - Atlanta (http://itjsatlanta.com). If you would like to send comments, email the name of the article and where you found the article to articles[@]itjsatlanta.com. Take the brackets out before sending me an email.

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