What is Magic the Gathering?

Written by Sue Edmondson

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Magicrepparttar Gathering is a turn-based game. Every player starts with 20 life, and 7 cards and may take 1 card during each turn. After that their active phase comes where they can play a single land, and userepparttar 137430 mana it represents to cast their spells or creatures. Once a player has creatures in play, he or she has an attack phase. During this attack phase a player can attack withrepparttar 137431 creatures they control and if their opponents spells or creatures do not block them, they attackrepparttar 137432 player itself. That player might lose life equal torepparttar 137433 power ofrepparttar 137434 creature. Once a player has no cards left in his deck, or has lost all his 20 lives, he or she losesrepparttar 137435 game. (Unless they control a card that states otherwise.

The best way to start playing is to buy a Core Game, which is a two-player game box that contains everything you need to get started. Once you have masteredrepparttar 137436 basics ofrepparttar 137437 game, you can start buying booster packs and traderepparttar 137438 cards you don't need, and start to build decks that reflect your own style of playing.

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Learn how to capture audio

Written by Jakob Jelling

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If you wish to capture video recorded with a camcorder into your computer, you would need to convert it into MPEG or MPG digital files in order to turn them into a digital technology compatible with those which your computer would read. Therefore, you would need a device which could achieve this objective and take this step before you are able to actually capturerepparttar files withrepparttar 137397 computer.

Many of these digital capturing devices would allow its users to capture audio as well as video and edit them together. This way, if you have captured video and wish that it has music or any other sounds; you can easily do so by capturing such audio files in different audio tracks, and then edit them in any way you might wish. These devices would allow you to learn what steps to take in order to achieve your capturing goals through their userís manual and you could learn allrepparttar 137398 capturing possibilities it would bring throughrepparttar 137399 instructions as well.

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