What is Local Search Engine Optimization and Who Are Your Relatives?

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

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If you are a restaurant who depends onrepparttar tourist trade, you might want to consider just what other things your potential diner might be in your town for. Considerrepparttar 134939 attractions in your area. Museums, theme parks, entertainment centers, camping, are all destinations your potential customer might be looking for as well as a place to dine. Include those attractions and local products in your keyword list and expand your visibility exponentially.

Remember, most travelers won’t be looking for your particular business name unless they are already familiar with you. But your business name will pop up again and again whenever they search for those popular attractions near you.

You don’t need to pay big bucks for your search engine results, just brainstorm a little bit and consider all those ‘relatives’ in your area. You may also find that some keywords are really expensive, but forrepparttar 134940 most part you won’t need them. There are plenty of inexpensive and related keywords that will bring you exactlyrepparttar 134941 same results if you use them creatively.

To find more information on how people are using keywords try www. suggestiontool.com, www.wordtracker.com and Google adwords.

And be nice to your relatives.

By Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

This article has been written solely byrepparttar 134942 author and is copyrighted. 4/2005.

Kathleen Jerauld-Brack. BFA Graphic Design and Fine Art. Her illustrations and stories have been published in major magazines, and she is recipient of many Art and Literature Awards. She is Webmaster of: http://www.BestPlacetoEat.com | http://www.BestRestaurants.us.

The Myth of Rankings - Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Written by Scott Buresh

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Optimized Press Releases

Press releases that are optimized to appear when certain terms are typed into news search engines are an excellent way to build name recognition and credibility. If someone is takingrepparttar time to look for news related to your industry, he or she is probably either in your business, learning about your market, or writing a piece about your industry. The last category is especially significant since a recent study* indicates that 98% of journalists go online daily, 92% userepparttar 134921 Internet for article research, and 73% use it to find press releases. Whatever motivation a person has when he or she searches for news related to your industry, you want your company represented inrepparttar 134922 results.

Expert Articles

Another great way to promote your expertise and business is to write expert articles and submit them torepparttar 134923 leading online publications in your field. At least one person in your company is almost certainly an expert in your field – why not let everyone know that? A person that reads an expert article published on an industry portal, and who subsequently clicks through torepparttar 134924 website (fromrepparttar 134925 link inrepparttar 134926 expert’s bio) is extremely targeted and already has a favorable impression of your company. Moreover,repparttar 134927 same study cited above found that 76% of journalists go online to seek news sources or experts. When your company has demonstrated that you have experts on staff by publishing articles in credible, non-biased forums,repparttar 134928 phone invariably starts to ring. Your experts will be asked to provide their opinions, quotes, or experiences for feature articles, often in prestigious industry publications. The benefits of this, of course, do not need explanation. A side benefit to both ofrepparttar 134929 strategies above is thatthey increaserepparttar 134930 number of inbound links to your website and, therefore, can help greatly enhance your search engine rankings – which might berepparttar 134931 primary reason you looked into SEO inrepparttar 134932 first place.


Direct mail was once considered a marketer’s dream – but email newsletters can be much more effective. Imagine a direct mail list with a low delivery cost, where every single person onrepparttar 134933 list has shown an interest in receiving such mailings. Such isrepparttar 134934 nature of opt-in email newsletters. People have shown enough interest in your company, or, at least, in what your company has to say, to invite you to communicate with them on a regular basis. They are essentially giving you permission to keep yourself “first in mind” whenever they are considering your products or services. Such opportunities are rare inrepparttar 134935 marketing world. By combiningrepparttar 134936 conversion principles you have applied to your website to your email newsletters, you can also get people to take an action that puts them into your sales pipeline without worrying about getting them to your website itself.


These are only a few ofrepparttar 134937 additional ways to expand an online initiative beyond a misdirected ranking-centric approach. Weblogs (or blogs) are often considered another new frontier in online marketing, and we haven’t even touched on paid media opportunities such as banner ads or pay-per-click marketing. However,repparttar 134938 three components mentioned above are important elements of a complete and successful online marketing initiative. An SEO campaign launched without considering them is like driving a four-cylinder car with only one cylinder firing – it will move, but you’d definitely reach your destination more quickly – and more smoothly – with all four.

Scott Buresh is managing partner of Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing (www.mediumblue.com). His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including ZDNet, WebProNews, MarketingProfs, DarwinMag, SiteProNews, and Search Engine Guide. He also contributed to Building Your Business with Google For Dummies (Wiley, 2004). Medium Blue is an Atlanta search engine optimization company whose clients include DuPont and Boston Scientific.

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