What is Hypnotherapy?

Written by Alan Crisp

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What does hypnosis feel like? I know how it feels to me, but it feels different to some people than to others. I would explain it as a relaxed easy feeling and a heightened state of awareness. Sometimes you may be prone to drift away for a while just like day-dreaming, and you might just as easily be concentrating on your therapist’s voice. Your good therapist will ensure you getrepparttar very best from your hypnotherapy session and will guide you in everything you need to know.

Hypnotherapy is not magic but it sometimes feels magical!

Hypnotherapy can help to address many problems including:

Fear of FlyingFear of Crowds Lack of ConfidenceStress Issues Low Self EsteemFear of Heights Panic AttacksExam Nerves Driving Test NervesSmoking Weight LossNail Biting Relationship & SexualTinnitus

By Alan Crisp – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Alan Crisp is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in Beckenham, Kent. Alan is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy, and helps with most problems but specialises in stress related problems, anxiety, panic attacks, blushing and social phobia.

An end to Blushing and Social Anxiety

Written by Alan Crisp

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In my opinion, following a free initial consultation, most people’s best first therapy, is brief therapy (usually 4-6 sessions). This therapy designed by myself, will tacklerepparttar underlying causes forrepparttar 146777 problem at a subconscious level using imagery (understood byrepparttar 146778 subconscious mind) and a technique I have developed to get torepparttar 146779 main feelings generated byrepparttar 146780 original cause(s) ofrepparttar 146781 symptom and to encourage a release of those causes. Suggestion therapy and ‘Neurolinguistic Programming’ follows to build confidence and to ‘re-programme’repparttar 146782 subconscious mind in muchrepparttar 146783 same way as a computer engineer might load new programmes to replace old and outdated ones.

Alan Crisp – Clinical Hypnotherapist – www.yourtruth.co.uk

Alan Crisp is a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in stress realted problems, panic attacks, anxiety, blushing and social phobia. Alan is a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and his consulting rooms are in Beckenham,Kent.

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