What is Google Pagerank?

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

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Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. Google looks at more thanrepparttar sheer volume of votes a page receives, however. Google also looks atrepparttar 138974 page that castsrepparttar 138975 vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves important weigh more heavily and help to make other pages important.

How can you improve your PageRank?

By getting votes from important pages (or, links to your web page from other web site pages that themselves have a high PageRank).

You can also be sure to include plenty of relevant, useful, fresh text in your pages. This is useful for Google, since you are providing information forrepparttar 138976 search engine to index, and it is useful forrepparttar 138977 people who visit your web site too.

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Why is SEO so important to your site?

Written by Shawna Fennell

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A few things to keep in mind when starting your SEO Journey:

1. Make sure you use HTML Links. Some designers want to use beautiful image map links from their home page. Although this looks great, it does not help you withrepparttar search engines. Place links on your pages torepparttar 138934 various pages to help not onlyrepparttar 138935 search engines find your pages but your visitors as well.

2. Frames...Well this is a hard one. Not only can some people not see frames,repparttar 138936 search engines have a hard time with them as well. Also, what if your customer stumbles into one ofrepparttar 138937 pages and does not seerepparttar 138938 frames? Just stay away from them all together.

3. DO NOT SPAM. Let me repeat this again. DO NOT SPAM. Spamming in any form is wrong. Most people consider spam as only used with emails. Wrong again unfortunately. Spamming will backfire on you. If search engines pick up onrepparttar 138939 fact that you are spamming, they have and will penalize your site.

Here are two examples of spam. a. Content Spam Data within a part of a Web resource designed for humans where that data is designed only for search engines to see b. Meta Spam Data within a Web resource that describes that resource or another Web resource inaccurately or (whenrepparttar 138940 data should be readable by humans) incoherently

Take your time when it comes to your websites SEO. Make small changes and watch your rankings. If you move up, great! Make more changes. If you move down, undo undo undo. Always keep records ofrepparttar 138941 changes you make so you can easily track what worked and what did not work for your site. Remember, we are in this forrepparttar 138942 long haul. Do it rightrepparttar 138943 first time and make it last.

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