What is Gmail?

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Unlike MSN and Yahoo! Google’s approach to space was a little more liberal. Google provides 1000 MB of storage space so you would never have to worry about limited space requirements. All messages are displayed intact as well asrepparttar replies. Messages can be searched upon as well. Google’s approach was to give as much flexibility torepparttar 109527 user sorepparttar 109528 user in turn would use only Google.

Much likerepparttar 109529 anti-pop up ad theory of The Google Toolbar, there will be an anti-Spam product built into Gmail that will help thwart out unsolicited email.

Currently, new users can ask for a preview address from Google, although there is no guarantee they will get one. Interested parties should go to http://gmail.google.com/gmail/help/about.html and fill in their email addresses atrepparttar 109530 bottom ofrepparttar 109531 page.

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Proper E-mail Etiquette--Part I

Written by Dean Phillips

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8. Always proofread your e-mail before you send it.

A lot of people don't bother to read their e-mail before they send it out. This is evidenced byrepparttar many spelling and grammar mistakes contained in e-mails. Apart from this, reading your e-mail throughrepparttar 109526 eyes ofrepparttar 109527 recipient will help you send a more effective message and avoid misunderstandings and inappropriate comments.

9. Mass Mailings: Userepparttar 109528 Bcc: field or do a mail merge.

When sending an e-mail mailing, some people place allrepparttar 109529 e- mail addresses inrepparttar 109530 To: field. There are two drawbacks to this practice: (1)repparttar 109531 recipient knows that you have sent repparttar 109532 same message to a large number of recipients, and (2) you are publicizing someone else's e-mail address without their permission. One way to get round this is to place all addresses inrepparttar 109533 Bcc: field.

However,repparttar 109534 recipient will only seerepparttar 109535 address fromrepparttar 109536 To: field in their e-mail, so if this was empty,repparttar 109537 To: field will be blank and this might look like spamming. You could includerepparttar 109538 mailing list e-mail address inrepparttar 109539 To: field, or even better, if you have Microsoft Outlook and Word you can do a mail merge and create one message for each recipient. A mail merge also allows you to use fields inrepparttar 109540 message so that you can for instance address each recipient personally.

10. Be careful with abbreviations and emoticons.

In business e-mails, try not to use abbreviations such as BTW (byrepparttar 109541 way) and LOL (laugh out loud). The recipient might not be aware ofrepparttar 109542 meanings ofrepparttar 109543 abbreviations and in business e-mails these are generally not appropriate. The same goes for emoticons, such asrepparttar 109544 smiley :-). If you are not sure whether your recipient knows what it means, it is better not to use it.

11. Don't forward virus hoaxes and chain letters.

If you receive an e-mail message warning you of a new super virus that will immediately delete everything from your computer, this is most likely a hoax. By forwarding hoaxes you use valuable bandwidth and sometimes virus hoaxes contain viruses themselves, by attaching a so-called file that will stoprepparttar 109545 super virus.

The same goes for chain letters that promise incredible riches or ask your help for a charitable cause. Even ifrepparttar 109546 content seems to be bona fide,repparttar 109547 senders are usually not. Since it is impossible to determine whether a chain letter is real or not,repparttar 109548 best place for ALL chain letters isrepparttar 109549 recycle bin.

12. Never make any libelous, sexist or racially discriminating comments in e-mails, even if they are meant to be a joke. There's nothing remotely funny about those types of comments. All they do is perpetuate an ugly, endless cycle of ignorance and intolerance.

13. Don't send or forward e-mails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks.

By sending or even just forwarding one libelous, or offensive remark in an e-mail, you and your company can face court cases resulting in multi-million dollar penalties.

There's too much of this garbage already being circulated on repparttar 109550 Internet. Don't get involved with this ignorant and irresponsible behavior.

14. Don't reply to SPAM.

By replying to SPAM or by unsubscribing, you are confirming that your e-mail address is "live." Confirming this will only generate even more SPAM. Therefore, just hitrepparttar 109551 delete button or use e-mail software to remove SPAM automatically.

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