What is Ecurrency Exchanging?

Written by Tim Dilley

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get rich quick scheme. It is a business. You start off with a portfolio and you haverepparttar option to work your way up to a console. The way things are currently going, within a year you could replace most incomes with justrepparttar 146561 portfolio. There are options to join for free, but it is best to jump start your portfolio with at least $50.

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10 Creative Ways to Sell and Market Resale Rights Products Offline

Written by Cecil L. Anderson

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7. Provide fundraising opportunities to schools, non profits, Churches, and youth groups. Just copy your ebooks onto CD as mentioned in idea #1. Call on some non profit groups and tell them that you provide fund raising opportunities at no up front cost. Explain that they can resell ebooks and software and get a large percentage of every sale.

8. Market your digital products as giveaway incentives for local businesses. Ebooks and software can be used as customer incentives by local businesses. For example: Get free software to help you manage your finances when you stop in to open a new checking account.

9. Sell those resale rights products and ebooks door to door. Why not? It works for Mary Kay doesn't it?

10. Put up a sales display at a flea market ... Offer them for $5 a CD. OK, so I savedrepparttar best idea for last. ;)

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Cecil Anderson

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