What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Should This Service Be Allowed?

That is a very interesting question. Some would say yes simply because there are literraly 1000's of websites that aren't going to be renewed next month. Onrepparttar flip side, some of those websites are simply a mistake. I thinkrepparttar 147199 point here is; avoid making that mistake and renew your domain name for atleast 5 years.

Google is apparently looking throughrepparttar 147200 "WHOIS Data Base" to see which websites haverepparttar 147201 staying power online and are serious by registering their domain name for more than 1 year at a time.

Again, should domain backordering be allowed?

I say no! Just like a patent for an invention, you should have up to 1 year to claim that domain unless you transferrepparttar 147202 domain name to another company or individual. This way we would have less domain name theft and less "hick-ups" from companies who simply forget their important responsibility.

Protect Your Net-Real-Estate!

Your website address isrepparttar 147203 most important commodity you have online. It is as important as your business name itself. It is what ties your company offline to online. People know you through your domain name. Potential clients may end up visiting your website later on, you woudln't want some other company in your place?

Please be careful when give outrepparttar 147204 access information for your domain name to anyone that isn't within your trusted circle.

I hope this article has helped you out!

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Selection A Domain Name That Clicks!

Written by BB Lee

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What's The Deal With The Suffix? Selecting a suffix is important. Even though com, net, org, gov, edu, tv, enjoy amazing popularity, It would be wise to select com. Why? Because it isrepparttar most popular. Plus "com" isrepparttar 146309 one your browser will automatically fill in if someone types in your business name withoutrepparttar 146310 suffix. Once again this will make it easier for a potential customer to locate your website. Only use net, org, or any other suffix if "com" is not available.

Availability? After selecting your Domain Name you should determine if that name is available. You might want to download a domain lookup tool. Or use a domain lookup service online. Many webhosting services have a domain lookup tool readily available.

Domain Lookup Tool http://www.whois.net

Download Doman Lookup Tools at: http://www.downloads.com

If your desired Domain Name is available NOW isrepparttar 146311 perfect time to decide if you want to registerrepparttar 146312 name and select a web hosting package. Usually you will haverepparttar 146313 option to registerrepparttar 146314 name for a year, two years, three for a predetermined price. I've seen prices starting at $9.99 and up per year.

Note: Many webhositng services offer free domain registration with a webhosting package. Many webhosting packages start at around $15.00 and up per month for a starter website.

Sources Yahoo Hosting -http://geocities.yahoo.com/

Let's Review: -Decide You Want A Professional Name That Gets Attention. -Select A Name That Describes Your Business. -Select A Name That Will Be Easy To Find Online. -Check Availability. -Register Your Domain With Optional Hosting Package.

After reading this informative article you should have a good understanding on selecting a Domain Name That Clicks!

-------------------------------------- BB Lee isrepparttar 146315 editor of SmallBizBits Newsletter. SmallBizBits will give yourepparttar 146316 information you need to start a home based business. Each issue features original articles, tips, business ideas, downloads, plus more. http://www.smallbizbitsnews.com

BB Lee is a freelance writer and the editor of SmallBizBits News. A free online home based business newsletter packed with info on starting a business from home.

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