What is Data Recovery? - A brief Introduction

Written by Simon Steggles - www.disklabs.com

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is what happens whenrepparttar hard disk or storage device doesn’t work. Forrepparttar 148754 smaller ‘Data Recovery Companies’, this is a problem, and it is whenrepparttar 148755 more serious Data Recovery Companies get involved, (such as Disklabs, http://www.disklabs.com ), who specialise in higher end Data Retrievals. It is always recommended thatrepparttar 148756 most critical work should be sent to a true data recovery specialist, (check outrepparttar 148757 accreditations - ensurerepparttar 148758 specialist has ISO9001-2000 Quality Assurance status, and is certified to ISO BE EN 14644 to ensure that their clean facility is atrepparttar 148759 correct level for intrusive data recovery work, find out how long that company has been trading, and check their testimonials). Once you have foundrepparttar 148760 company that you are happy with, ifrepparttar 148761 data storage device doesn’t work, there is a high likelihood thatrepparttar 148762 digital media will require spare parts, this is where organisations such as 1st Computer Traders Ltd, ( http://www.1ct.com ) are of service. Organisations such as 1CT sell spare parts for hard disk drives to organisations such as Disklabs, ( http://www.disklabs.com ) enabling them to getrepparttar 148763 original data accessible for long enough to imagerepparttar 148764 data onto a stable storage device, enabling that data to be duplicated again which in turn allows a safe recovery attempt to be achieved.

The data recovery job is generally finished when a list of allrepparttar 148765 recovered files is sent torepparttar 148766 client. Oncerepparttar 148767 client approves this file listing, they are then shippedrepparttar 148768 data of an appropriate media. This can be a hard disk drive, floppy disk, CD or DVD. Alternatively, if a file is considered critical, it can be encrypted and then emailed torepparttar 148769 client.

It should be noted that in extreme cases it may be impossible to recover any data, howeverrepparttar 148770 bottom line is, as soon as you have lost data you should power off your device and send it to a professional Data Recovery Company to optimise your chances of a successful recovery.

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Simon Steggles is a Director of Disklabs and also a director of 1st Computer Traders Ltd, (www.1ct.com). Disklabs are data recovery and computer forensics specialists, 1CT.com specialise in hard disk drive repair.

Why There Are Color Differences in Printing from your PC

Written by Paul Curran

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Monitor and printer color differences

As will be aware,repparttar printed output you receive hardly ever matches exactly that seen on your monitor 100% ofrepparttar 148753 time. This is becauserepparttar 148754 way that color is produced is different andrepparttar 148755 range of colors that are produced is different betweenrepparttar 148756 monitor and printer, as described above.

There are ways to get a closer match. You can experiment with printer driver settings or use image editing/color management software to help match uprepparttar 148757 two.

Printing Process

Most inkjet printers can't produce variations ofrepparttar 148758 three primary colors so they employ a process called 'halftoning' to representrepparttar 148759 thousands of colors needed. The two methods used for this are 'Dithering' and 'Error Diffusion'.

With 'dithering', different colored ink dots are aligned to giverepparttar 148760 appearance of neutral colors...suitable for large areas of color such as in graphs and bar charts. There are often additional settings such as 'Coarse Dithering'...for images with limited detail and shading, and 'Fine Dithering' for images with significant amount of detail.

If there is only text to print then 'No Halftoning' should be selected.

With 'error diffusion' inkjet cartridge dots are merged with surrounding color dots to produce natural colors withrepparttar 148761 possibility of subtle color gradation. Ideal for detailed images or photos.

When scanning, be aware that it will be more difficult to get a good match becauserepparttar 148762 scanner will makerepparttar 148763 image usingrepparttar 148764 CMYK data format, then RGB onrepparttar 148765 monitor and finally changed again torepparttar 148766 CMYK data format viarepparttar 148767 printer.

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