What is Color?

Written by Robert Kennedy

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We see colorless or white light when our receptors are stimulated equally. Color then is a sensation resulting from light energy impinging on receptors in our eyes which our brain interprets as being various combinations of red, blue and green.

Fromrepparttar foreground it can be seen depending uponrepparttar 126374 quantity of light andrepparttar 126375 quality of light available torepparttar 126376 viewer. Without any light there is no visual perception at all, let alone of color. (It doesn't take many moments in a pitch black room to prove this to ourselves, or when we see brilliant colors fade to a neutral gray and finally disappear as light diminishes from daylight to dusk to darkness.) Variation inrepparttar 126377 quality of light influences our perception of color, too. (Have you ever bought a suit that appeared to be of one shade under store lighting but out inrepparttar 126378 street?)

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How to Get Great Testimonials and Endorsements for Your Book

Written by Ink Tree Ltd.

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It is acceptable to provide endorsers withrepparttar list of names of other persons from whom you are requesting endorsements. Oftenrepparttar 126373 endorsers will be pleased to be included in good company. Conversely, they may be flattered to be included inrepparttar 126374 list of celebrities.  Be very respectful ofrepparttar 126375 time ofrepparttar 126376 people that you are approaching for endorsements. Value their hectic schedules and understand that you are not their utmost priority. Busy people may not have time to thoroughly investigate your product or service, or read your book from cover to cover, so dorepparttar 126377 work for them. Send them a few versions of endorsements that you would like, allowing them to merely choose one and do some minor editing. Pre-writingrepparttar 126378 endorsements greatly increases your chances of success and it allows you to emphasizerepparttar 126379 points you want to make in order to impress your potential buyers. Write endorsements that are specific to your product and that are relevant torepparttar 126380 expertise ofrepparttar 126381 endorser. Don’t ask an author of gardening books to endorse your novel, your widget or your health food product. Keeprepparttar 126382 endorsements relevant and exciting. Writing “This is a great product” just won’t do. Your endorsements must make buyers feel good or solve a problem for them. For instance, if you are selling a healthy lifestyle book, avoid writing “I loved this book”. So what? Instead, create solutions for your customers. Try something like: “This book gives you all you need to tighten your sagging bottom and make your heart happy without fad diets and expensive gym memberships”.  Keep endorsements short and relevant, with one to three sentences being sufficient. Buyers don’t want to read an essay about your product – you have only a few seconds of their time to attract their attention and relay your message. Hit them fast and hit them good!   As your product gains in popularity, you will receive unsolicited endorsements from happy customers. Be sure to keep a file of them for future reference and for future inclusion in your marketing campaign. Marketing must continue forever, if you want to increase sales, and there is no better way to increase those sales than byrepparttar 126383 recommendations of satisfied buyers.  Endorsements are part of your sales team. Placed on your product or book cover, they createrepparttar 126384 justification and urgency that buyers need to part with their money. Go get them! 

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