What is Advertising - and What Does it Mean on the Internet?

Written by Bret RIdgway

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And don’t delude yourself into thinking that any advertising is “free.” The most valuable resource any of us have in our marketing arsenal is probably our own time.

What do you value yours at? $25 - $50 - $100 - $1000 per hour? Or more? So be sure and includerepparttar cost of your time or whoever you’re paying to perform that advertising task into calculatingrepparttar 108191 true cost of your advertising.

This is truer then ever inrepparttar 108192 Internet world. So, know your costs and measure your results. There are online tools available to help you do this, so don’t get careless or lazy. The effectiveness of your online advertising can only be measured by its actual sales.

Your task: Analyze all your advertising to determine its true effectiveness. If you're not tracking your results you have to figure out a way to do it now. Why? Because Claude told you so.

Next week – you’ll get some more thoughts from Claude Hopkins. This time about how long you should make your ad copy in order to makerepparttar 108193 sales. Until then, my best wishes for success in all your marketing endeavors.

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32 Point Copywriting Checklist to Bulletproof Your Copy

Written by Kris Mills

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13. Have you included testimonials and case studies?

14. Have you included a guarantee?

15. Have you included a limited offer?

16. Doesrepparttar offer have a high perceived value to your reader? Does it interest them?

17. Have you told your readerrepparttar 108190 reasons why you're makingrepparttar 108191 offer?

18. Does your last paragraph summariserepparttar 108192 most powerful sales appeal and create a sense of urgency?

19. Have you told your reader what to do eg. "Call now on xxxxx for xxxx"?

20. Have you made it easy for your reader to respond?

21. Does your copy follow this flow - "Problem, Agitation, Solution"?

22. Is it written in a friendly, easy to understand, conversational tone?

23. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs?

24. Can you replace any word with another word that packs more of a punch?

25. Have you been specific in your figures not rounded off?

26. Do paragraphs flow into each other well?

27. Have you highlighted important words?

28. Is your copy easy to understand?

29. Are there any redundant words - scrap them?

30. Do you use "you" twice as much as you use "I" or "we"?

31. Is all your copy in active not passive voice?

32. Have you included a PS that creates a further sense of urgency?

Kris Mills of Words that Sell http://www.wordsthatsell.com.au is an experienced direct marketer, copywriter, author and internet marketer.

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