What is 'Kundalini'?

Written by Robert Morgen

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Those who seek to purposefully access their Kundalini can choose several methods, including Kundalini Yoga (extremely safe and takes upwards of 10-20 years to accomplish) and Hoshin Roshi Ryu (a "Martial Art" form created to specifically awakenrepparttar kundalini through meditation and physical training). I don't believe that there is a 'wrong' or a 'right' way to awaken your kundalini and there are benefits to most any path chosen. In his book "Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master", Dr. Glenn Morris goes into great detail about his Kundalini Awakening andrepparttar 122094 effects it had (and still has) on his life, and in some of my other articles I talk about my own experiences and some ofrepparttar 122095 things I'm still learning and experiencing. There are many exercises and experiments that one can do to help awakenrepparttar 122096 kundalini and I'll write about some of those in upcoming articles.

--- Robert Morgen is a Reiki Master who currently holds a Blackbelt in Hoshin Roshi Ryu and founded High Mountain Hoshin in Denver, Co. He's also the founder and moderator of the Kundalini Awakening Discussion Group at http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/Kundalini http://www.highmountainhoshin.com hoshinco@yahoo.com

Unconditional Intuition

Written by White Feather

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Good and bad are dualities; they're two sides ofrepparttar same coin. If we only see good, then we're only seeing halfrepparttar 122093 picture. If we only see bad, we're only seeing halfrepparttar 122094 picture. Our attempt to intellectualize intuition is our attempt to findrepparttar 122095 full meaning ofrepparttar 122096 coin by looking only at one side. Naturally, in this dimension,repparttar 122097 coin of good and bad would be spinning furiously so you couldn't hardly see either side of it. You'd see it as ONE object. It is our brains that try to stoprepparttar 122098 coin from spinning so that it can align itself with one ofrepparttar 122099 two polarities.

If we seerepparttar 122100 coin as spinning and ignorerepparttar 122101 polarities in order to seerepparttar 122102 ONE-ness of it, then we can feel allrepparttar 122103 information contained in that coin in its totality without getting caught up in one orrepparttar 122104 other ofrepparttar 122105 polarities which prevent us from seeingrepparttar 122106 totality. Our solar-plexus mind is specifically designed to do this, but we have trained ourselves to rely on our intellectual brains to translate feeling-tones. Like computers,repparttar 122107 intellectual part of our brains is binary or dualistic. Our brains interpret and categorize according to polarity alignments. Everything has to be either good or bad sorepparttar 122108 brain knows where to file it. Because of this, we can never seerepparttar 122109 totality and wholeness of anything just using our brains.

Copyright 2005 by White Feather. White Feather's five books can be investigated here: http://www.lulu.com/laplumablanca. White Feather is webmaster of http://www.whitefeatherforum.com

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