What hosting companies don’t tell you, could hurt you…

Written by Dave Young

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If you’ve reviewed or researched hosting companies you will notice they all lookrepparttar same. They offer similar packages, claim they provide support, and appear to have a network worthy ofrepparttar 131715 highest caliber websites. But what they don’t tell you isrepparttar 131716 type of disk space or bandwidth your website will be using. They don’t mention possible security risks. And they especially don’t mention how many accounts they create per server.

Avoidingrepparttar 131717 problems associated with overcrowded servers is extremely easy…

To readrepparttar 131718 entire article, visit http://www.gp-host.com.

Dave Young is the President/CEO of GP-Host, a division of Gluepoint, LLC. GP-Host provides a unique hosting environment for entrepreneurs and business owners. info@gp-host.com

Internet marketing newsletters are important for online affiliates

Written by Jonathan Kraft

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SiteProNews Newsletter The SiteProNews newsletter touts itself asrepparttar Net's foremost Webmaster ezine. This may or may not be true, but this daily online/enewsletter is jam packed with tools, tips, and tricks for you to improve your web presence and help yourself have online marketing success. They also offer SEO-News, which is a weekly ezine for do-it-yourself website optimizers.

SearchEngineWatch Newsletter Danny Sullivan knows what's up when it comes to search. Looking for a polk-a-dotted, shiny, margarita-flavored, scratch-'n'-sniff sticker? Well Danny Sullivan's newsletter will teach you how to userepparttar 131711 latest Internet tools to find out if it exists online (or inrepparttar 131712 real world for that matter). How can these tools help you when you're marketing online? It's quite simple really. By usingrepparttar 131713 search tools, you can get a better feel ofrepparttar 131714 obscure and popular items people are looking for, what tools are being used to find them, and how you can place yourself inrepparttar 131715 middle.

There are, of course, other newsletters. Many of these will help you begin your online marketing efforts, but these three arerepparttar 131716 ones most beneficial to overall success and income producing efforts withinrepparttar 131717 online marketing industry.

Make it a habit to read these newsletters on a daily or weekly basis, putrepparttar 131718 principles into action, and you can't help but have success with your Internet marketing efforts.

Jonathan Kraft has been an online marketer for many years and helps others with affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateadvice.us. Most recently, he has helped people find the best phone and calling card affiliate programs at http://www.affiliateadvice.us/phone-calling-card-affiliate-programs.html

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