What happens when during the baby shower?

Written by Randy Wilson

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Duringrepparttar shower activities:

  • Upon arrival, greetrepparttar 147631 shower guests, make them comfortable, putrepparttar 147632 gifts onrepparttar 147633 gift table, take their coats, pin on their name tag and offer them a beverage.
  • Provide a gift table near whererepparttar 147634 mom-to-be will be seated to open them. As guests arrive, ensure their envelope or gift tag is securely attached to their gift before putting it onrepparttar 147635 table.
  • Introduce them to other guests.
  • When everyone has arrived, start with an icebreaker game to get things started.
  • Now isrepparttar 147636 time to serve light beverages to everyone.
  • If serving a meal, letrepparttar 147637 guests know when to help themselves.
  • Provide seating chair and tables torepparttar 147638 senior ladies for meal.
  • Whenrepparttar 147639 meal is over, serve dessert.
  • While guests are enjoying their desserts,repparttar 147640 mom can open her gifts.
  • Play one last game and pass out any gifts forrepparttar 147641 shower guests to gently bringrepparttar 147642 shower to a close.

As these are one-time events for many couples, try to capture every single moment withrepparttar 147643 help of still photography, videography and voice recording. Giverepparttar 147644 mother-to-be andrepparttar 147645 guests something to remember and cherish these special.

Generally at showers light snacks and beverages are served. However, asrepparttar 147646 hostess, you decide onrepparttar 147647 food, if it will be catered, etc.

With careful planning your shower will be a fantastically fun and memorable event forrepparttar 147648 guest of honor and all ofrepparttar 147649 shower guests!

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Oneness in Marriage (Part 1)

Written by Murphy Toerner

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God's goal is that we experience this "oneness" in marriage. However, "oneness" is not always acheived. Or once it is acheived, it is not always maintained. We hope thatrepparttar following exercise will be helpful to you. You can considerrepparttar 147576 questions yourself or perhaps you could discuss these with your spouse. Exercise: 1. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you accept your spouse? What would it take to improve your current level of acceptance? 2. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you understand your spouse? Is there one area in which you wish your spouse were more understanding of you? 3. Pray each day that God will show you ways to improve your level of acceptance of your spouse. Purpose to better acceptrepparttar 147577 ways that your spouse is unique (different from you). [Consider writing down your answers in a journal. Then, pray and ask God to help you grow in accepting your spouse. Ask God to give yourepparttar 147578 "grace" or "divine enablement" to understand your spouse better. Ask God to help you see your spouse with His (God's) eyes and heart. Ask God to solidifyrepparttar 147579 idea that your way of doing things is notrepparttar 147580 only way to do things. You don't always have to be right or haverepparttar 147581 last word. Ask God to give you even more love for your spouse along withrepparttar 147582 courage and willingness to express that love consistently to him/her. Watch and see whatrepparttar 147583 Lord is able to do in you!] We would love to hear from you aboutrepparttar 147584 exercises. Contact us at info@murphytoerner.com This is a series which will be continued. If you enjoyed this article and are interested in more articles by this author and other free resources please visit our website www.murphytoerner.com. Counseling & Coaching Available: Call our offices @ 225.753.7773

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My goal is to help clients grow mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. In addition to private practice, for the last ten years, I have had the privilege of leading women’s retreats, teaching bible studies, presenting parenting seminars, and pre-marriage/marriage seminars (with my husband, Mike).

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